3 Archangel Prayers for the Gemini Full Moon

Three Archangels Collage

Most mornings, I do a daily draw with one card each from the Fairy Tarot Cards and the Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue. For this morning, I focused on what we need to know for tonight’s Full Moon in Gemini and got the equivalent of the 3 of Swords from both decks (CLICK HERE to see the cards). This is a very strong message from Spirit that tonight’s Full Moon brings tremendous healing potential, especially for those who are grieiving, confused about their Path and finding it difficult to let go of the past.

Globally, we are at boiling point, and what the Angels are showing me is that we each much go within and release that which we have yet to forgive so that peace can rule our hearts once more. Only you can empower yourself to believe that the life you lead makes a difference to the destiny of the Planet. Only when each of us clean up our own corner of the web will peace reign on Earth.

In Angelic Tarot, the three Archangels shown above are represented by The Lovers (Raphael, ruler of Mercury/Gemini), The High Priestess (Gabriel, ruler of the Moon) and The Sun (Michael, ruler of the Sun).

I have been guided by the Angels to share the three prayers below. Please choose the one you feel most guided to say on tonight’s Full Moon.

  • The prayer to Archangel Raphael is for those who are grieving, broken-hearted and finding it difficult to forgive.
  • The Prayer to Archangel Gabriel is for those who are in need of clarity about their Life Purpose.
  • The Prayer to Archangel Michael is for those who can’t let go of the past, who keep repeating negative patterns and/or keep getting back with people they know are toxic.

Prayer to Archangel Raphael

06Light a green candle. Place The Lovers Tarot card in front of the candle. Centre your breath in the heart chakra. Breathe in and out through the heart centre until the breath flows freely. If you like, you can visualise green light flowing in through the heart and out into your aura until your aura is filled with a beautiful emerald green light.

Dear Archangel Raphael, I lay my pain before you in plain sight (you can visualise holding a broken heart in your hands here) and ask that you help me heal this broken heart. I am tired of holding grudges, of feeling like people owe me, of grieving, of things not working out the way I hoped they would. I just want to be free to love again, with my whole heart. I forgive ___________ (insert name/s) and ask that you help restore harmony to all my personal relationships. From today on, I will live from the heart. Please infuse my heart with unconditional love, hope and trust. Gone is all resentment, gone is the pain, nothing has been lost, I have all to gain! (Feel free to repeat this last sentence three times) So mote it be!

Take a few minutes to visualise your heart, radiant, whole and free. Give thanks to Archangel Raphael and extinguish the candle. Light it again any time you feel sadness or bitterness return and centre your breath in the heart. Repeat the prayer if you need to. Carry the card (or a copy) with you to serve as a reminder.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel

02Light a white or copper-coloured candle. Place the High Priestess Tarot card in front of the candle. Centre your breath in the third eye. Breathe in white light and visualise it clearing your third eye until it is sparkling clean. Do this with your eyes closed while focusing on the point between your brows where the third eye is located. Relax your facial muscles and ‘smile’ with your third eye to activate it.

Dear Archangel Gabriel, I have been lost in this dream we call reality for too long. My deepest yearning is to step firmly onto the path of my calling. Please blow the trumpet loud and clear so that I can awaken fully to my life’s purpose. I wish to lead a life of divine service and for my gifts and talents to benefit all of mankind. Help me gain a vision of the future so that I can set practical and achievable long- and short-term goals for myself.  I surrender all to Love, all that I am and have to give. Guide me, dear Gabriel, from above, to the life I’m meant to live. (Feel free to repeat this last sentence three times) So mote it be!

Visualise an indigo-coloured eyelid shutting over your third eye and slowly open your eyes. Give thanks to Archangel Gabriel and snuff the candle. Light it again, any time you feel guidance during the next two weeks, and especially any time you do a reading for yourself about your Life Purpose. Carry the High Priestess card with you everywhere you go as a reminder.

Prayer to Archangel Michael

19Light gold or azure blue candle. Place The Sun Tarot card in front of the candle. Centre you breath in the solar plexus and keep breathing in golden light until you feel that all your energy has returned to you. If you have a toxic relationship you need to let go of, you will be constantly leaking energy until the cords have been permanently cut. Equally, if your will power is weak and you keep giving in to unhealthy cravings or addictions, you are leaking energy from this chakra.

Dear Archangel Michael, I wish to step firmly onto the path of full vitality and healthy self-dominion from this hour and for the rest of my life. I am ready to shine like the Sun and wish to relinquish the toxic relationship with __________ (insert name) and/or… I am ready to give up the habit of __________. I am done with toxicity and poor personal boundaries. Please cut all cords to those who would influence me negatively and help me keep my resolve to not be in touch with them any more. I wish to stand in the fulness of my power, make it so this very hour. (Feel free to repeat this last sentence three times) So mote it be!

Take a minute to visualise Archangel Michael cutting all cords that make you leak vitality and personal power with his sword of Truth. Thank him when you feel it is done and blow out the candle. Say this prayer only once. Once the cords have been cut, they have been cut for good. However, if you feel your resolve weaken, you may wish to light the candle and practice the solar plexus golden breath for a few minutes. Complete this mini meditation by asking Archangel Michael to shield you with his electric blue cloak. Carry The Sun card with you to remember to radiate rather than attach to the energy of others.

Full Moon Blessings )O(


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