Jupiter in Scorpio Tarot Spread

Jupiter in Scorpio with Tarot Spread

Jupiter in Scorpio Tarot Spread

Jupiter in Scorpio – Time go get your sexy on!

Did you feel something shift yesterday? Perhaps you got your mojo back or you got intensely passionate about something without realising why… Maybe you started researching something just because or you took an interest in a new occult topic… That would be Jupiter moving into Scorpio and staying there for the next 13 months, or until 8 of November 2018 to be more precise.

Jupiter makes us want to expand our horizons and take risks and in Scorpio this sense of adventure relates to domains of sex, power, transformation, the occult and other people’s money.

Signs Ruled by Jupiter

Jupiter rules the mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius and before the discovery of Neptune was also assigned the mutable Water sign Pisces. While both of these signs can be expansive and (shadow of the same coin) excessive, they are so in different domains. Extrovert Sagittarius tends to expand more into the world and is renowned for its love of travel. Intuitive and spiritual Pisces tends to journey more into the realms of dream and fantasy, though Sagittarius does cover the realms of philosophy and higher learning in general.

Jupiter in Scorpio – Relationships

Jupiter is freedom-loving and needs a sense of adventure. Scorpio craves absolute devotion and can be extremely jealous. It may be necessary to negotiate new boundaries in some relationships unless you are able to channel this energy into a mutual exploration of new sexual frontiers.

The best way to make the most of this energy as a couple is to use the frank energy of Jupiter to talk about what you want to feel sexually fulfilled in the relationship, experiment together but make sure that you have the privacy that Scorpio craves at all times.

Jupiter in Scorpio on the World Scene

Expect hacking, spying and leaking of sensitive information to reach an all-time high and to be well received by people who are frankly beyond fed up with fake news. Research into genetics could have some major breakthroughs. This will not be a quiet time financially (no shit, Sherlock). The blood thirst of the world leaders motivated by greed and power may also take on new and epic proportions. A thirst for vengeance may be difficult to control. All is not sexy bliss Jupiter in Scorpio as you can see.

Jupiter in Scorpio Tarot Cards

In the Golden Dawn system of correspondences, Jupiter corresponds with X The Wheel of Fortune and Scorpio corresponds with XIII Death. Meditating on the Wheel of Fortune can help you stay centred, yet open to any opportunities that come your way. Meditating with the Death card can help you connect with any areas of your life that need to be transformed.

Wheel of Fortune Jupiter and Death Scorpio

Pro tip: Try tuning into the Jupiter in Scorpio energy by meditating on both cards together. Lay out three cards above for things in your life that you are already aware of that will be affected by this energy and three cards below that relate more to your psyche and subconscious thought processes.

Jupiter Return for Jupiter in Scorpio Natives

For those of us with Natal Jupiter in Scorpio, the next 13 months are our ‘Jupiter return’ and is usually considered a luckier than usual time in our lives. Obviously how lucky depends on other placements and whether or not Jupiter is direct. To make the most of the Jupiter return you may wish to…

  • Capitalise on your networking efforts.
  • Set some major psychic development goals.
  • Get your sexy on/experiment/get kinky or kinkier.
  • Research an area you wish to dominate.
  • Say yes to more invitations because of opportunities lurking around the corner.
  • Get a make-over. This is your time to SHINE!
  • Create a Jupiter in Scorpio Return vision board.
  • Realise how charismatic you are and work it.
  • Invest in yourself by learning new skills that complement the ones you already have.
  • Affirm to yourself that you are lucky.
  • Self-promote in healthy ways – especially if your career is in any of the areas of sex, death, other people’s money and transformation.

The Jupiter in Scorpio Tarot Spread

Jupiter in Scorpio Tarot Spread

1. Luck factor for this period – This shows you both how lucky you will be and what area this luck is most likely to play itself out in
2. Mental attitude to have to maximise my luck – Create an affirmation based on this card
3. Action to take to capitalise on my luck factor – Do something based on the advice of this card today. Jupiter doesn’t hang back!
4. An area of my life that needs more passion – Scorpio is known to be the most passionate sign of the Zodiac
5. Something to hide – Scorpio loves secrecy. This could be an idea, something in your past, a secret you know about someone, a cunning plan or a flaw that there is no need to flaunt
6. Something to expose / show more of – This is advice on how to boost your charisma and capitalise on your natural magnetism

You may want to bear some of that Scorpio secrecy in mind and not share this Tarot reading with anyone that you cannot trust 100%!


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