libra full moon tarot spread for releasing blocks to harmony

Releasing Blocks to Harmony – Libra Full Moon Tarot Spread

Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon is the perfect time to release any blocks to being in harmony with Self (and the Cosmos). Libra rules close relationships, harmony, beauty, balance and justice. The Full Moon is a time for release. So in addition to releasing inner blocks and tension, this is a good time to release any blocks to relationship harmony.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.
~ Marcus Aurelius

The angelic rulers of the Full Moon in Libra are Raguel (Angel of Justice and Relationship Harmony) and Anael, planetary ruler of Venus/Libra. Crystals to work with are blue lace agate for clear communication (Raguel/Throat Chakra) and rose quartz (Anael/Heart Chakra) for emotional support.

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

The corresponding Tarot card for Libra is Justice. The Empress is the Major Arcana card corresponding with the Planet Venus.

Libra Full Moon Tarot Spread

Libra Full Moon Tarot Spread
  1. The main outside influence pulling me out of harmony
  2. Harmony levels
  3. The main unconscious influencing my harmony levels (check the bottom of the deck for further clues)
  4. Thoughts around this keep pulling me out of whack
  5. An affirmation about this will help pull me back into whack
  6. Emotions around this keep pulling me out of balance
  7. Something I can do to be more in balance/harmony emotionally. Write an action plan and an affirmation if appropriate. You may wish to pull a clarifier or two on this. It is important to read cards 5 & 7 in the context of all the other cards.
love raven liora

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      This card shows you how much in harmony you are with yourself and your environment or how you are currently most out of whack. Tune into this card with your senses if you don’t get it straight away and see where it lands/how it relates to your state of wellbeing.

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