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Archangel Anael Love Tarot Spread

This Archangel Anael Love Tarot spread is for anyone who is single and looking. It can help you prepare for The One and invite more love into your life. It is by expanding the energy of our heart chakra that we become a beacon for the Right One. This is something the Angels are more than willing to help us with. And the power of Archangel Anael waxes the closer to Beltane and the month of May we get.

According to varying sources Anael is also known as Haniel. Anael/Haniel rules the Planet Venus and co-rules the Moon together with Archangel Gabriel. On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, she is most commonly associated with the 7th Sephira, Netzach but I have also seen her placed in Binah.


Light a pink or light green candle and invoke the protection and guidance of Archangel Anael as you lay the cards out. The best time to perform this divination would be on a Friday on or near a Full Moon.

The Archangel Anael Love Tarot Spread

1. The State of Your Heart

A strong card indicating readiness for love in this position would be the Ace of Cups. One of the weakest cards for finding new love would be The Hermit. Then you have the full spectrum in between. Take some time to tune into where in your energy body the energy of the card you get sits. Is there a blockage you can ask Archangel Anael to clear? Do you need the help of Archangel Raphael with some healing as well?

2. The Garden (Where)

This card indicates the best place to meet the Right One. A Swords card in this position indicates that you are most likely to first connect online. The same goes for The Magician (Mercury) and The Fool (Uranus). Just bear in mind that just like the timing is not possible to predict exactly, the place where you first meet may not be either. But the information provided by this card will help you make the most of future opportunities.

3. Timing (When)

What you will not find here is an exact date. However, the card in this position will tell you if you are in for a longer or shorter wait. It may reveal a season such as in the summer or spring. It may also give you a ‘within’ timing element if you set a timeframe for the reading. So, for instance, if you set the intent to divine for love within the coming year, you will have a yes-no type card here, indicating if that is likely to happen or not.

4. Best Way to Focus Your Energy

This card will hopefully show you how to grow and enjoy life in the meantime. If a negative card shows up here, there may be some blocks to clear before you are ready to manifest the Right One. Try to view this as a challenge to get busy with the healing work. You won’t regret it!

5. What You Need to Know Right Now About the Right One

Don’t expect to see your stereotypical ‘Tall, dark and handsome’ here. Instead, ask Archangel Anael to reveal an important soul characteristic or personality trait about your person.


Make some notes in your journal and take a picture of the cards. If you like what you see, you may wish to make this picture your screen saver. It will remind you to stay on track so that you don’t miss any important opportunities. Don’t forget to give thanks to Archangel Anael as you close the reading and blow out the candle!


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  1. Well, I know what I’m doing this Friday night . ( wink)
    The Beltane Oracle spread revealed to me it’s time for a love relationship.
    I’ve been avoiding this for a while but that spread was like a grand wake up call.

    Online dating sucks but if this spread reveals I should pursue it , I may have to. 🙂

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