sagittarius new moon solar eclipse

Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse 2021 (with Tarot Spread)

sagittarius new moon solar eclpise

The Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse on 3-4 December 2021 is an important time for intention-setting. It’s also a great time for clearing out the old, especially with regard to old belief systems. The Sagittarius New Moon eclipse is in a tight quincunx with Uranus.

We need to set intentions for the New Earth we want to build. The focus for intention-setting during this lunation should be on freedom, human rights, truth, consciousness expansion, higher mind, justice, and new social structures. Let go of everything that makes you cling to negativity and failure to thrive during the Dark Moon days.

Neptune goes direct a few days before the New Moon in Sagittarius. This is a great time to keep a dream diary if you’re not already doing so. You may experience more prophetic dreams than usual on either side of the eclipse and as soon as Neptune stations direct on 1 December.

The eclipse path falls mainly over Antarctica, New Zealand, and Australia. This total but brief solar eclipse will only last for a couple of minutes but it will bring big new beginnings. This is especially true for the part of the world where the eclipse is visible. So fingers crossed for our friends down under who have had a really tough time lately.

Check Your Chart!

It’s always a good idea to check where in your natal chart important celestial events and transits land. You can do this free of charge on, for example. For instance, in my own chart, this solar eclipse lands in my 6th House of Virgo, so there could be some big and sudden change with regards to health, work, and service. Unlike a regular New Moon, the effect of a New Moon Eclipse lasts six months, so expect the House where the eclipse hits to be affected well into next year.

Make a Wish!

According to astrologer Pam Gregory, this eclipse is conjunct the Great Attractor at 14 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a good thing as it can lend momentum to any intentions we set at this New Moon. Hopefully, once Neptune goes direct, it will be easier to find some clarity about exactly what we need to focus on manifesting. I also included a card in the Tarot spread below to help gain clarity on what to wish for or manifest. For best results, perform the reading after Neptune stations direct.

Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

sagittarius new moon solar eclipse tarot spread

1. How the House where this eclipse falls is likely to be impacted. You can pull a clarifier or two if you, for instance, get a Court Card in this position

2. What belief you need to let go of now

3. What to wish for/manifest

4. How to use our talents for creating the New Earth

5. Your biggest challenge in the next six months

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