the hidden truth about the subtle realms

Goddess, Angels, Tarot and the Hidden Truth

the hidden truth about the subtle realms

The Light inside me is nudging me to share a few words on the Hidden Truth today. I’m not going to go into why those in power hid the truth from us. Many others have done that. And many of those have done their research into pre-Christian religions, the early church and the marriage between Rome and the church.

Today, I’m only stating some simple truths that Divine Mother Herself whispered in my ears as I was walking along the river Tees yesterday. And I’m doing this as it relates to my own religious trauma recovery in the hopes that it might be of assistance to others in the same situation.

The Queen of the Subtle Realms

By whatever name you know Her, the Divine Mother, the Great Goddess, Sophia, Mother Mary, Kali Ma, Isis, it is She who is the Queen of the Subtle Realms. Because of the very nature of appearing subtle to us while we reside in this third dimension, it has been easy to hide these realms.

It has also been easy for those with power to occult the truth about our Mother, as well as vilify those who have a connection with Her. But because they realised they could not stamp this connection out entirely, Rome decided to give us a sanitised, state-approved version. A version, it could be argued, that is less than empowering, especially to women.

The Subjectivity Problem

Not only has it been easy to hide the truth because of the nature of the subtle realm. It has also been easy because our connection to these realms is subjective. Hence it is easy to dismiss experiences on other planes of existence as mere fantasy, illusions, dreams or even delusion/schizophrenia. This is a planet ruled by the left hemisphere of the brain.

Children of the Goddess

Hence, those of us born with strong intuitive gifts (ruled by the right hemisphere of the brain) have been born into an ongoing war as the minority. This war has raged on the planet for thousands of years, since at least the time of late Lemuria.

We are the natural enemy of the ruling powers of this world. Why? Because they rely on the hidden truth to use fear and ‘reason’ to rule us. Reason without transcendence (sacred methods for staying connected) creates a disconnect between us and Source and fear is the natural result.

On an individual level, the war begins as soon as we as young children begin to speak our truth. We are told it’s just our imagination (as if imagination is not important). So we soon learn either shut down completely or to keep silent.

Down the Rabbit Holes

Then later, maybe in our teens or as young adults, we realise that we are not alone. There are others like us out there. In some ways, it is both easier and more difficult to unveil the truth now, in a world where we are all connected through the Internet.

Many of us get terribly confused when we frantically begin to search for the truth. Because there are many stories about the subtle realms out there and many of those stories are contradictory. It then becomes easy to bow to the power and authority of any tradition that has lasted for two thousand years or more. We may feel so confused that having someone else hand us the truth from the outside (exoteric religion) may come as a huge relief.

The Hidden Truth Can’t Stay Hidden

But if you are born with a strong connection to the subtle realms, the hidden truth can’t stay hidden for very long. It lives inside you. Many of you also have strong memories of interacting with spirit beings on other planes of existence, both in this lifetime and from past/future lives.

Trust Your Own Connection

You don’t have to make sense of everyone else’s experiences in the subtle realms. While there are ancient archetypal stories, symbols and images that may be helpful in terms of creating roadmaps for these planes, it is your own connection to these realms that truly matters. This is how you awaken your subtle perceptions, your clairs. This is how you start experiencing more synchronicity in your life and can begin leading a Spirit-guided life.

The Angelic Realm

The Angelic Realm is a subtle realm. Unfortunately, this realm has been exploited by exoteric religions with claims of ownership. They claim that you can only access angelic guidance under certain conditions. These conditions inevitably include bowing down to the authority of church leaders. They tell you that it is dangerous to work with the angelic realm on your own. The angels could be demons in disguise, don’t you know!

Trust me, I understand what it is like to be told you can’t trust this realm. Many of us were traumatised when Doreen Virtue trashed all her teachings about the angelic realm in favour of fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity. Religious trauma can come in many ways. But her conversion was a blessing in disguise for those of us who had replaced exoteric religion with a New Age guru instead of going within.

Tarot and Transcendence

Tarot has always been a way for the Hidden Truth to survive. The archetypal images create a route for spiritual transcendence. And they survived because they were easy to disguise as a game of cards. However, I believe they were always intended to be more than a game or cards. Perhaps that intention does not have human origins but to me, it doesn’t matter where it originates.

The fact remains that the Tarot shows the human soul how to navigate its earthly existence intuitively. And it shows us that we do not need to rely on any intermediaries. That is why it is so dangerous to those clerics who wish to cling to power.

My Personal Struggles

This post isn’t about me. It’s about all of us and where we are now, collectively. But I want to share some of my struggles because it might be helpful, especially to those of you who have managed to read this far.

My struggles began very early on. I had many out-of-body experiences as a young child. I also experienced an older, wiser spirit using me as a channel to address my parents at times. But my childhood was riddled with abuse, trauma and abandonment. I soon learned it was safer to not talk about my otherworldly experiences.

You could argue that my spiritual experiences helped me survive. And they did. But in hindsight, I can also say without hesitation that the trauma helped me evolve and grow stronger. However, the trauma also tripped me up many times on my own journey of spiritual transcendence.

Religious Trauma

When we have a strong need to feel safe, religion becomes a palatable alternative. Most trauma survivors have that need, though not all of us choose religion as our remedy. Many choose addictive substances or behaviours instead.

Those of us who choose exoteric religion gain an additional layer of learning and evolution (as do those who choose addiction!). Eventually, we come out on the other side of the need to feel safe this way. Or we don’t until another lifetime. Either way, it is totally fine. It happens when our soul is ready to trust in its own connection to Source.

That’s not to say that exoteric religion is all bad. The government or an abusive family member isn’t all bad either. Religion is just part of the stories we tell ourselves as a collective until we don’t need those stories any more. Another way to look at it is that religion is simply politics (power dynamics) about the Unknowable.

The Occult

The word ‘occult’ means hidden. It’s a word that describes the Hidden Truth. The psyop part of it is that those in power managed to vilify even the word occult to the point that anybody with a religious background runs a mile when they hear it.

Meanwhile, the vaults of the Vatican are full of the occult and all the hidden truths they do not wish for us ordinary folks to have access to.

If you knew what those with access to the hidden truths know, you would grow far too powerful. And we can’t have that now, can we? The good news is that you do not need any other vault than the vault of your own heart to gain access to all you need to know.

May Christ within guide you on your journey of transcendence and may Divine Mother keep you safe!

love raven liora

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  1. I love this article!
    As I study and strengthen my relationship with Jesus, I am still turned off by joining any religious institution.
    I just can’t find one that feels a place where I’d feel at home.
    I’m too spiritually radical for all of them.

    And, I’m fine with it.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Tara. I’m so glad you enjoyed this article. Every time I try to shrink myself to fit, I fail. I’m done trying. Glad you’re fine with it!!

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