Kill Your Excuses with the Tarot!

Kill Your Excuses with the Tarot!

Kill Your Excuses with the Tarot!

Have you ever had an idea that made you feel on fire but then failed to act on it? Or maybe you started but didn’t get very far before you felt demotivated and found yourself using every excuse under the sun? Then a few months later, in your social media feed, you see someone who did the thing. Your thing. The thing you failed to manifest. How did it make you feel? Not great, am I right? Not to worry. I’ve been there too. You may not get a second chance on that exact thing but you’ll have other ideas and next time you won’t be holding yourself back. Because you’ll know how to kill your excuses with the Tarot!

Where Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Before I show you how to use the Tarot to kill your excuses, I want you to brainstorm and come up with a list of areas where you are holding yourself back. These will be areas in your life where you haven’t reached your full potential. So it could be about your finances, your spiritual development, your career, physical health, romantic relationships, friendships, family happiness, your legacy etc.

When you have completed your list pick your top three. These will be the issues that feel the most urgent for you to resolve in the next 12 months. You’re ready to get unstuck in these areas and to max out on your potential.

Next, go and get your pack of Tarot cards if you haven’t got it by your side already.

Putting the Spotlight on Your Excuses

For each of the three issues, you want to pull three cards.

Card 1 – This is how your excuse shows up for this area

Card 2 – This is the subconscious driver for your excuse and the ‘Why’ of you holding yourself back. In other words, this is how your little self or ego is trying to keep you safe

Card 3 – This card shows you a new habit that is going to help you move forward or it shows you an old habit that you need to stop to make space for growth in this area. Pull another card for what positive habit to replace the old negative habit with in case of the latter

While we’re on the topic of habits… Please read ‘Atomic Habits‘ by James Clear to understand how habits work, how they underpin everything (especially the results we generate), and how to improve yours. So much useful stuff in this book!

Sample Reading with the The Star Tarot

In the reading with the Star Tarot below, I have chosen to read on why I am holding myself back from using energy healing as much as I would like to.

Kill Your Excuses with the Tarot!

1 How my excuses show up for why I’m not fulfilling my healing potential

The 6 of Cups (feeling nostalgic) is about a couple of astoundingly miraculous healing experiences I had when I was younger and more innocent. Not feeling able to replicate those, I have used the ‘What’s the point?’ excuse. You can’t recapture that state of innocence so you’ll never be able to replicate those results is what my ego is telling me. On some level, I don’t feel worthy of my gift anymore. So here and now, I forgive myself for judging myself as ‘not worthy.’

2 Why my ego is holding me back

The Knight of Cups is about my identity. I’m afraid of stepping fully into the role of a healer. My ego is afraid of me being a healer who doesn’t have her own sh*t together and who therefore gets laughed out of town. Better to sit on the gift and play it safe. Better to have a fake persona as my identity instead of my god-given one, right? WRONG! I’m a Cupbearer and if not now, when? When I get the same homework in the next incarnation? No thanks!

Also, I see here what I know deep down and that is that the identity of a healer is that of a Cupbearer. I can only carry the cup to the person in need of healing. Only they can drink from it. And so it is true what has been said, we can never heal anybody else — all healing is self-healing. As a healer, all I do is facilitate the healing. The results are never up to me. This thought brings me peace.

A New Positive Habit

The King of Cups is further confirmation that this is about identity. The best habit I can implement now is to use daily positive affirmations that begin with ‘I AM…’ to affirm my identity as a healer. Healing is not something I do with varying results. It’s literally who I am. YASSS! I’m ready to release my false fear-based identity and step into this beautiful god-given identity now!

I hope you enjoy this way of clearing blocks and releasing excuses with the Tarot!

love raven liora

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