11 Common Traits of the Dragon-Born

are you dragon-born?

Before we delve into what the 11 common traits of the dragon-born are, it might be a good idea to define what it means to be dragon-born. If you are dragon-born and living on Earth, you have lived at least one incarnation in some realm as a dragon. It is, however, far more likely that you lived many lives as a dragon and that you are still connected with an aspect of your Higher Self in the form of a dragon.

Some younger Dragon-Borns prefer to refer to themselves as Dragonkin/DragonKin. DragonKin is a term younger people tend to use because of gaming terminology.

Part of the mission of the Dragon-Born is to encourage sovereignty and self-empowerment so that humanity can ascend. The amount of tyranny that the majority of humans are under should not be underestimated. This is obviously because of how prone humans are to experience fear, anxiety and even terror on a more or less daily basis. Much of this is taking place on a subconscious level and most humans self-soothe without giving it a second thought—that is how embedded fear is in human nature. All the easier to manipulate!

And all the more reason for those who are Dragon-Born to get busy with the work they came here to do!

11 common traits of the dragon-born

Top 11 Traits of the Dragon-Born

  1. The most obvious trait is that you have always been drawn to dragons. In my case, I can state with great certainty that this is the case. As a child, the only book I ever read through three times in a row was The Neverending Story by Michael Ende—thanks to Falkor.
  2. You are a bit of a know-it-all. Smirk all you want, you know it’s true! And it’s only natural. You are one of the oldest souls in the multi-verse and you’ve spent many lifetimes gathering information.
  3. You love to problem-solve. Given a problem to solve, you easily put yourself in a flow state that makes hours pass without you noticing.
  4. You give people who don’t appreciate your problem-solving ability a wide berth. Because of your uncanny knack for problem-solving, many lean on you for sympathy and guidance. However, once you notice that they really are after sympathy rather than guidance, you start pulling away.
  5. People sometimes see you as arrogant. This ties in with the know-it-all aspect. However, you also tend to be aloof at times which doesn’t help. You typically don’t mean to but your mind is busy elsewhere and if there is no acute crisis, you would rather let your thoughts soar in loftier realms.
  6. You are extremely passionate and feel everything deeply. While this may seem like a contradiction in terms compared to the statement about aloofness above, you learned at an early age that most humans are not safe to trust with the depth of your true feelings. This is why you are extremely picky about whom you let into your inner circle of trust. There are very few dragon-born who have more than one or two close friends.
  7. Your birth family situation was most likely chaotic/abusive and left you traumatised. However, this is something you agreed to before this incarnation. The reason for this soul contract can be twofold. There may be karmic ties to birth family members in some instances. But the main reason for templating this way in this lifetime was that you chose an accelerated pathway for overcoming fear. This is so that you can teach sovereignty by example in your adult years. Yes, you came in knowing the price you would pay so hold your head up high!
  8. The eyes have it. You have unusual eyes and an intense gaze that can be uncomfortable to some people.
  9. Your heart leaps with joy to see the Dragons re-emerging on Earth… and in a positive light!
  10. You are starting to re-member/reconnect with the dragon aspect of your Higher Self and/or remember past lives as a dragon/dragon rider.
  11. Working with the Dragon Realm to help humanity ascend seems like the next, natural step on your spiritual journey.

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