Are Dragons Real?

are dragons real

There is something about dragons that has captured the human imagination. Dragons are part of myth, legends and lore all over the world… So are dragons real?

Well, those of us who have encountered dragons in the third dimension certainly have no doubt that they are. But that’s making the assumption that only what can be perceived through our ordinary five senses is real.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

John Lennon

Proving that dragons are real is a different matter altogether. Dragons are elusive and picky about to whom they appear. Mainly, in our day and age, they are interested in making themselves known to those whose mission is to work with dragons in some capacity.

Watcher Dragons

Often first contact is made through one of the Watcher Dragons. These are 4th-dimensional earth custodian dragons who can quite easily lower their vibration to make themselves seen by 3D humans. The role of the Watcher Dragons is to liaise between the Galactic Ascension Dragons and humanity. They mainly do this by letting the Galactic Dragon Council know when a Rider is ready to connect with their dragon.

The Watcher Dragons are ancient and have been on Earth since the time of Hyperborea. They are not ‘angelic’ but neither are they evil/dark ones. I will elaborate on the nature of the Watchers at some other time. I will say this though, to clear a common misconception, all dragons have free will. Dragons are not from the Angelic Realm unless they are Seraphim (Fire Serpents) or some other higher order. And yes, Seraphim have free will too.

My Meeting with a Watcher

Back in 2004, I had my first (and so far only) encounter with a dragon in the third dimension. It happened on the night after I had been attuned to Dragon Reiki. I woke up in the middle of the night, with a dragon standing over me. It was quietly watching me and looked straight into my eyes when I opened them. Of course, it wasn’t until later that I realised the purpose of this visit.

Suffice it to say I failed the test. I was so terrified that I quickly de-attuned myself by asking Spirit to clear the attunement from my energy field. I also put the red spell candle my Reiki teacher had sent me in the bin. Thinking back on this experience, I feel a bit sheepish. But it’s clear to me that the Watcher’s report meant that I wouldn’t have been deemed ready at the time anyway. It is what it is–A great learning experience, in other words!

galactic dragons

Galactic Dragons and Their Purpose

According to the intel I have received from the Dragons, the Galactic Dragons have visited Earth off and on for millions of years. However, humanity is now at an important juncture. There is a lot to play for and the higher-dimensional Galactic Dragons wish to help humanity. Unfortunately, there are lower-dimensional ET and draconic forces at play too. These are the forces that support the oppressors of humanity. These forces are very much known to all those with large amounts of worldly power. They know that these forces feed on our fear and therefore they do all they can to feed them as much terror as possible.

The role of the higher-dimensional Galactic Dragons is to support people in regaining the sovereignty that is our divine birthright. We are only now beginning to wake up to just what extent we have been deprived of our power and sovereignty. The Dragons are here to soften the edge of this rude awakening, as well as to help us rise up. They work actively with our imagination to achieve this. Hence, only those with enough innocence preserved to understand the value of their imagination can connect and work with the Galactic Dragons. But fearlessness is also required.

Around 2012 the Galactic Dragons started pouring into Earth’s energy field to assist humanity with the process of ascension, though there were forerunners in 2010. There are literally millions of Dragons here now, and many of them are looking to connect with their Riders.

The Dragon Riders

Dragon Riders are Starseeds and Earthseeds who have spent past lives working with the Dragons. For Earthseeds, this goes back to the days of Avalon, Atlantis, Hyperborea, and Lemuria.

Many of the Starseeds who are here now came specifically for the purpose of working with the Dragon Realm. Some of us do it as energy healers, some as mystics, oracles, or creatives, and some to work directly with the energy of Gaia through healing the crystal grid and the leylines. Quite a few of the old soul Starseeds do all of the above… and more!

Some of the Starseeds that work with the Dragon Realm are from different Universes that have different Laws of Physics. This is true, for instance, of the Elves and the Shapeshifters.

5 Signs That You Are Called to Work with the Dragons

  • You have had a life-long fascination with dragons
  • Imagination is as real as ‘reality’ and a source of creativity for you
  • You have psychic abilities
  • Many of your life lessons were around sovereignty
  • Your dragon has made first contact or you are hoping for that to happen

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How to Begin Working with the Dragons

The first step is to connect with your Dragon Guardian or personal Dragon. This Dragon will introduce you to the others and to the Realm of Dragons. Your Guardian will be a Dragon that you have been connected with since before you were born.

If you know how to journey, simply journey to the Underworld to reconnect. Or if you prefer to try a guided meditation, there are quite a few free guided meditations that can help you connect with your dragon on YouTube. You can also find an article that I wrote a few years ago HERE.

I highly recommend getting a deck of Dragon Oracle Cards (or some other divinatory tool) and a Dragon Journal. Dragons love divination and can often communicate clearly and powerfully through mantic tools. Other than Dragon-themed cards, I have noticed that the Dragons are especially fond of the Runes.

They have explained to me that this goes back to the days of Hyperborea when the runes first appeared on Earth. The Dragons realised that they could use the runes to teach humans Dragon wisdom. Some of the traditional rune meanings carry this wisdom over but much has also been lost and it is my intent to restore the lost knowledge in my Runic Dragon Codes series of posts.

Over to you! Have you met your Dragon? Have you seen one of the Watchers? Are you DragonKin or a Dragon Rider? Let us know in the comments!

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