Thor, God of the People

Thor, God of the People

Thor, God of the People

Easy-Access Thor

In a couple of other posts about the Norse Gods this week, I’ve used ‘Connecting with _______’ in the title. The reason, I’m not using this formula for Thor is that we don’t have to try very hard to connect with him. All we have to do is look past the BS propaganda and ridicule the God of Thunder has been subjected to by the Beast System. You see, Thor is the God of the people and that is why he was the most important deity to remove from people’s minds and memories.

Odin was easily replaced by a Christian God. That’s because Odin was the god of the elite. Rome made sure the elite knew that the new Christian God came complete with a Roman Dogma Operating System. The R-DOS that the Beast System installed ensured that future members of the elite would always have a failsafe of oppression in place if the plebs ever rebelled. The R-DOS has now virtually wiped out the Christian God too and replaced it with woke-ism, political correctness, cancel culture, and a ‘climate emergency.’ They do have a new religion though. It’s known as ‘the science’ and must never be questioned or criticised.

Getting Rid of Thor

But how would they replace Thor who was such a popular deity among the people? With a bit of help from the literary propaganda department, of course! The oral myths and legends about the hero of the people were rewritten by a Christian Priest, Snorri Sturlasson. The Wisdom of Thor was more or less wiped. Thor was turned into a short-tempered meathead. The people were informed that now that Thor was out of the picture and Hel had been turned into a place of torture, all they had to do was to trust the science, sorry religion, and put their faith in the Christian God.

Thor, the Marvel Comic Character

When Norse Paganism started making a comeback, the Beast system made sure that Thor was turned into a comic character. In spite of the Norse Gods coming back into people’s minds and hearts, this comic depiction of the god-hero has almost single-handedly ensured that very few will turn to Thor for a meaningful connection and support. It’s just not the done thing with comic characters… Unless you’re into Chaos Magick… but that’s a post for another day. If you want to hang with the cool Pagan kids, you’re better off sticking with Odin or Freya, or even Hel or Loki.

Thor, God of the People

Thor is an extremely approachable Deity who gladly helps when he can. He is good-natured, warm, caring, and wise. In fact, other than Freya, I can’t think of a more approachable Deity. He doesn’t fly off the handle in anger. Nor does he randomly go around killing jötnar. He only culls a few every now and again to make sure the order of the universe is maintained.

If you want to ‘meet’ Thor in a guided meditation, I highly recommend trying this one where he and Archangel Michael appear together. I found it helpful in smashing unwanted beliefs.

We need a hero badly, to help defeat the Beast System before we are all controlled 24/7, living in city grids and paying for everything with social credits.

Thor can help us stay strong in face of the threat we are currently under. Thor rules the element of Fire and is a wonderful deity to work with for strengthening the solar plexus chakra. We need strong third chakras to express our unique individualities, which is exactly what the Beast System wants to deprive us of. They want us to become like them (think Mr. Smith from the Matrix).

Thor in the Tarot

In the Tarot, I would liken the energy of Thor to that of the Emperor upright/well aspected. He is the caring ruler who protects his children and ensures that they are well fed. Numerologically, this seems a good fit too. In the book Northern Magick by Freya Aswynn, Thor corresponds to the number 4.

Signs that Thor is Connecting with You

You’ll know you’re connecting with Thor because he’ll just be there with a very reassuring presence. But if you’re as spiritually sensitive as two short planks you can still feel his presence during thunderstorms.

Try offering him a libation (drink offering) by a lit candle or by your fireplace if you are lucky enough to have one and see what happens. You’ll most likely feel him close then. If you do, do not be afraid to communicate with him.

Wearing Thor’s main symbol, Mjölnir, in the form of jewelry, can be reassuring. I know a lot of people just wear Thor’s hammer because it looks cool and that’s absolutely fine – as long as it’s not the Marvel Comics version. The Marvel Comics hammer is just fugly and nothing like the Norse original. Sorry Marvel fans!

Goats are associated with Thor so seeing goats in odd places might be a sign. The rune Thurisaz could be another sign if it keeps showing up repeatedly.

The main Element is Fire and the color is red.



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  1. So much to learn. I know so little about Thor except for the comic book character and it seems to be a popular name with dogs around here. Especially with male owners. lol.
    I believe I may need to get acquainted with him as my timidity has been a major downfall in my life.

    1. Post

      Thor is a wonderful friend to have! It’s really sad that there is so little written about him other than what’s in the Eddas. I’m hoping that will change and that modern Pagans will realise how much we have to gain from knowing and working with Thor. I love that my Saami ancestors worshipped him too, in the form of Horagalles.

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