the archangel michael tarot spread

The Archangel Michael Tarot Spread

the archangel michael tarot spread

Not sure how I managed to put off making a Tarot spread for the most popular Archangel of all, Michael but today is Sunday. And guess what, Archangel Michael rules the Sun and Sundays. So I feel it’s no coincidence that I feel a strong nudge create an Archangel Michael Tarot Spread today.

Archangel Michael (who is like God) is the defender of the faith and those who believe in God. He and his angels are the celestial knights or bodyguards of the Universe. Lately, I’ve received a lot of support but in accordance with the spiritual law of polarity, attacks from people who disagree have also increased.


Archangel Michael can help us cut cords with any toxic people in our lives. All we have to do is ask. But if we don’t follow this up with some common-sense safety precautions, such as blocking them from our social media accounts etc, we can’t blame the recurrence of the problem on AA Michael.

What Archangel Michael does is help cut the cords energetically. He then returns our energy to use.

Shielding with Archangel Michael

There is a way to make sure that we don’t get drained energetically again–especially not by the same person. That way is to ask Archangel Michael to shield us from all evil and negativity first thing in the morning, every morning.


Funnily enough, I only just today learned that ‘integrity’ is the obligation associated with this Angel in Kabbalistic lore. It is making me smile because that is my own focus word for 2016. In my solar Return chart (January birthday), Leo is the Rising Sign which makes The Sun/Archangel Michael my chart ruler.

archangel michael stars

True devotion to the Great Work is one of the gifts Archangel Michael brings us. He can also help us cut through the illusion of fear, with his Sword of Truth. But only if we don’t let pride get in the way of accepting our true emotions and recognising their usefulness. All emotions are signposts, and only once they have been fully accepted and fully understood can they be released.

Anyone who has a calling to protect the underdog has a patron in Archangel Michael. In the Catholic tradition, St Michael is the patron saint of law enforcement officers and soldiers.

Corresponding animals are the fierce and powerful lion, wolf, griffin, phoenix and sparrowhawk. Crystals to use for connecting with Archangel Michael are lapis lazuli and citrine among others.

Sunday’s Angel

Archangel Michael rules Sundays and the corresponding metals are gold and brass.  Magickal workings that invoke Michael are best avoided on Saturdays, ruled by Cassiel (Saturn/Capricorn).

The corresponding sefira is Tipharet and this is where the Princes (Knights) reside in the Tarot. As it happens, my own birthday courtier is one of the Knights, the Knight of Swords, ruler of the third decan of Capricorn and the first two of Aquarius.

The fact that I have a picture of Archangel Michael above my bed is starting to make more and more sense, in spite of being born on a Monday when the Sun was in Capricorn. The picture was given to me by a friend over in Sweden, perhaps 15 years ago. I have moved many times since but it has come with me through every move.

Archangel Michael and the Chakras

There are two possible chakra correspondences for this Archangel. Since he rules the Sun, it is natural to associate him with the solar plexus chakra. However, he is also the Archangel of the Blue Ray and that makes him a good fit with the throat chakra. He is also the Angel of Truth, a characteristic of a well-balanced throat chakra.

Personally, I have Archangel Camael (aka Chamuel/Samael) as the main ruling Angel for the solar plexus chakra. But I see Archangel Michael as a co-ruler, sort of how we have Neptune as the co-ruler of Pisces together with Jupiter. I can call on either of them for SP chakra-related issues, depending on the nature of the issue.

The same goes for the throat chakra. I see Archangel Michael as the co-ruler of this chakra together with AA Raphael. Archangel Raphael is the main ruler of the heart chakra, together with AA Anael.

Archangel Michael Tarot Spread

I was inspired to create the Archangel Michael Tarot Spread below to help you connect with your own strength and courage, to lift your Sword of Truth on high and not let anyone else tell you what you ‘should’ be doing.

You may also find it useful in fending off toxic people and situations in general. Plus, as an added bonus, it will show you your own Shadow. The shadow or vice, be it pride or false identification with anything other than your true Self, will be clearly shown so that you can purge it in the Light of Truth.

the archangel michael tarot spread

Go forth and shine!


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  3. Integrity – what a strong word for the year!

    As for emotions, just watched Inside Out last night. Obviously, it’s a kid’s movie, but still, I like the ending which honours nuanced, varied emotions as a natural and good part of life, that nothing is purely good or bad, happy or sad 🙂

    Excellent spread, shall bookmark and share it!

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      Thanks Chloe, it helps me stay centred in my truth and passion. It’s hard at times… at times it feels like it’s putting me the Refiner’s fire a bit too often. But I must persever because if I don’t I will die without knowing what the real me is capable of.

      I have never wathed Inside Out – might have to now 🙂 Thanks for sharing the spread and I hope you enjoy giving it a try. Blessed Be!

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  4. Ha ha ha, “asshats” what a funny word :p ! What could that be in Swedish?

    We all carry around our shadow, but to get to know it and “own” it certainly helps us avoiding projecting it on someone else, even if to a certain degree we all do it all the time, don’t think it’s possible for a human being to be 100% shadow free, it’s kind of part of being human.

    Will try this spread, looks interesting and always helpful to integrate some of Michaels attribute and to call on him for support.

    One reason that I so much like Mariane Wiliamsson is that, to me, she embody someone who is spiritual but at the same time so very human and so very knowledgeable and experienced in these 2 areas (spirituality and humanness blended in an exquisite way) .

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    2. Agree, I just wanted to make the point that I believe that we will never be able to be 100% aware thus we’ll always carry around some hidden (shadow) parts of ourselves. Knowing and being aware of this can help us not to be (too) triggered when other people cast their shadow on us.

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  5. Thanks for this Lisa!! There was lots of very useful information in this article and the spread looks well worth doing – Archangel Michael is fast becoming my ‘go to’ Angel for a lot of things and it really helps. 🙂 Blessings and thanks x

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  6. Confusing ,but awesome article . I’m not sure what 2 do W the 1-6 flowers?? But 1 thing in there U mentioned was something that reminds me of the theory that the downfall of common decency came about sometime in the 3rd or 4th century when some people ,somewhere ? came up W & began employing the philosophy that there can be no happieness for someone -unless someone else is unhappy ,no prosperity unless someone else is in poverty no pleasure unless someone else is in pain ,etc. etc.etc It goes on & on ad infinitium ! ,,if U get the gist ! I’m not sure when or where this originated but I read it somewhere . Did U ever hear of this ,or R U framiliar W it ? Its’ kinda sad in a way , but there R a great many,, way too many ” ASSHATS ” around that live like that ! Later !

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      A Tarot reader would use the flower pattern as a map for how to lay out the cards in the Tarot spread. No, I’ve not heard of that theory but I find it difficult to believe, based on what I know from history and psychology. Schadenfreude is much, much older and goes all the way back to the very first humans, I believe.

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          ˈʃɑːd(ə)nˌfrɔɪdə,German ˈʃɑːdənˌfrɔydə
          pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.
          “a business that thrives on Schadenfreude”

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