The Archangel Michael Tarot Spread

archangel michael tarot spread

Not sure how I managed to put off making a Tarot spread for the most popular Archangel of all, Michael but today is the 19th – same number as The Sun… and guess what, Archangel Michael rules the Sun, so I feel it’s no coincidence that I’m drawn to work with him today.

Archangel Michael (who is like god) is the defender of the faith and those who believe in God. He and his angels are the celestial knights or bodyguards of the Universe. Lately, I’ve received a lot of support but in accordance of the spiritual law of polarity, attacks have also increased and they come from spiritual asshats.

Spiritual Asshats

Basically, an asshat is someone who thinks they’ve got it all figured out and love going around telling others what they should be doing – especially where their opinion has not been invited. It’s also someone who takes pleasure in someone else’s pain… Although they would never admit it – especially not to themselves.

Spiritual asshat, definition: Has a persona of love and light (especially online) and can’t tell the difference between ‘negativity’ and critical thinking. Judges anyone who calls a spade a spade and won’t allow anyone to feel anything other than peace, light and love. Deems other emotions as evil. Lacks insight into their own psyche. Synonym: New Age Pharisee

This person’s shadow typically becomes apparent when they choose to interact with you for the first (and only) time when you say/write something they conceive as not ‘spiritual’ enough. They don’t know you and probably didn’t even take the time to read the post properly. They are highly reactive and have trigger words (such as anger or angry, god forbid!) which they judge your whole life on should you happen to use them. Why? Because they are afraid to own those emotions for themselves.

Archangel Michael Shields Us

Thankfully, when we come across these people online, there is quick recourse in the form of the block button. Spiritually, protection arrives with haste when we ask Archangel Michael to shield and reflect back their shadow to them. We do not do this to hurt them but so that they can see that they are projecting their own negativity. Essentially, they themselves do not feel worthy to do the Great Work unless they pick on others whom they judge to be less worthy, yet they are often the most avid users of the word ‘Oneness.’

Funnily enough, I only just today learned that ‘integrity’ is the obligation associated with this Angel in Kabbalistic lore. It is making me smile because that is my own focus word for 2016 and my solar Return chart (January birthday), Leo is the Rising Sign which makes The Sun/Archangel Michael my chart ruler.

archangel michael starsTrue devotion to the Great Work is one of the gifts Archangel Michael brings us. He can also help us cut through the illusion of fear, with his Sword of Truth, but only if we don’t let pride get in the way of accepting our true emotions and recognising their usefulness. All emotions are signposts, and only once they have been fully accepted and fully understood can they be released.

Anyone who has a calling to protect the underdog has a patron in Archangel Michael who in the Catholic tradition (St Michael) is the patron saint of law enforcement officers and soldiers.

Corresponding animals are the fierce and powerful lion, wolf, griffin, phoenix and sparrowhawk. Crystals to use for connecting with Archangel Michael are lapis lazuli and citrine among others.

Sunday’s Angel

Archangel Michael rules Sundays and the corresponding metals are gold and brass.  Magickal workings that invoke Michael are best avoided on Saturdays, ruled by Cassiel (Saturn/Capricorn).

The corresponding sefira is Tipharet and this is where the Princes (Knights) reside in the Tarot. As it happens, my own birthday courtier is one of the Knights, the Knight of Swords, ruler of the third decan of Capricorn and the first two of Aquarius.

The fact that I have a picture of Archangel Michael above my bed is starting to make more and more sense, in spite of being born on a Monday when the Sun was in Capricorn. The picture was given to me by a friend over in Sweden, perhaps 15 years ago. I have moved many times since but it has come with me through every move… and wherever I go, I keep defending the underdog.

Archangel Michael Tarot Spread

I was inspired to create the Archangel Michael Tarot Spread below to help you connect with your own strength and courage, to lift your Sword of Truth on high and not let anyone else tell you what you ‘should’ be doing. You may also find it useful in fending off the aforementioned asshats or anyone else who tends toward projection instead of owning their own shit. Plus, as an added bonus, it will show you your own Shadow. The vice, be it pride or false identification with anything that gives you status in society, will be clearly shown, so that you can purge it in the Light of Truth.

Archangel Michael Tarot Spread

Go forth and shine!


Lisa Frideborg

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