holistic meanings and correspondences for the elder futhark rune algiz

Algiz Rune Meanings

holistic meanings and correspondences for the elder futhark rune algiz

Algiz – Rune of Shielding

When Algiz shows up, it is a sign that you need to become aware of your boundaries and possibly call down protection from on high. It is a rune of boundaries to others as well. When it shows up together with Eihwaz or Perthro, it is a sign that you need extra shielding for any psychic work you are doing. When it shows up with Gebo, it can indicate the need to shield from an energy vampire.

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

The shape of the Algiz rune resembles the horns of the elk (älg in modern Swedish) and it is from the elk the name of this rune has been derived.

We can also imagine the shape of a man with his arms reaching up to Heaven, invoking protection and assistance.


  • Polarity: Masculine
  • Zodiac correspondences: Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Tarot card correspondences: The Devil, The Star
  • Archangel correspondences: Archangels Cassiel and Michael
  • Chakra correspondences: Root Chakra
  • Health: Postural issues, bones

Divinatory Meanings

General: protection, shielding, boundaries, defence, ‘sourcing,’ courage, strong faith, overcoming temptation – Reversed: a lack of boundaries, a warning that protection is needed, a disconnect from Source, defeat, yielding to temptation, lowering one’s guard, a need to keep one’s cards close to one’s chest

Love & relationships: be mindful of boundaries, and respect those of others as well – Reversed: co-dependency, psychic vampirism, somebody who reads their partner’s email or text messages

Health/wellbeing: good posture, bone healing – Reversed: slouching, brittle bones

Business: an ambitious venture, a divinely inspired venture, security companies, bodyguards, firewalls, IT security – Reversed: a mole in the organisation, leaking information, a business partner who cannot be trusted, theft, uninspired ventures, hackers, industrial espionage

Holistic Healing Tips for Algiz

Take the stance of the rune to draw down Source energy and protection. Use your breath to connect Heaven and Earth, with your body as a conduit. Improvise with different ways of doing a circular breath that allows you to connect and feel safe.

Draw it in the four quarters while invoking the protection of Archangel Michael.

Visualise lots of them in a wreath around your solar plexus, with the ‘horns’ pointing out if you are meeting up with someone who likes to steal your energy.

Chant Algiz (AWHL-giz) to create a sense of stability and protection, while focusing on the red orb of energy at your base/root chakra and connecting this orb through a cord or chain to the core of Gaia.


  • I am fully connected to and protected by the forces of Love and Light.
  • God abides in me and wherever I am, God is.
  • I am safe.
  • The Universe has my back.
  • I have healthy boundaries in all my close personal relationships.
  • I respect the boundaries of others.
  • I am brave.

To strengthen the effect of the affirmation, you can draw the Algiz rune over a glass of water. Say the affirmation out loud while holding the glass. Then drink it slowly while visualising yourself being shielded by the Light on all sides.

Algiz Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, thank you for sending Archangel Michael and his bodyguard angels to watch over me now. Help me remember that I can always invoke angelic assistance and that when I do so, it is instant and complete. Grant me the courage to overcome my fear when I face adversity and to know that I am never alone. Amen and so it is!

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