The Norns before a Cosmic Portal, surrounded by the runes

Hyperborean Runes

Hyperborean Runes - The Norns

The Hyperborean Runes existed before the creation of Earth. They are the very runes of creation that represent the forces that made the Universe. In Hyperborean times, before the time of Lemuria, the runes first appeared in the conscious awareness of the sentient beings dwelling here. Some of those sentient beings were human and some of them incarnated on Earth from other realms and dimensions. When memory faded, humans started to refer to those other beings as gods.

It was those otherworldly sentient beings who chose to incarnate on Earth to help humanity that brought the knowledge of the runes and how to work with them for conscious co-creation.

Since those times, like all sacred knowledge, much has been forgotten but not entirely lost. The deep waters of the Earth keep the memory of the runes. We know them today as the Elder Futhark and more people are starting to remember the hidden meanings of these runes.

Odin as a Model for Regaining Sacred Knowledge

The key to remembering is to, like Odin (who can be seen as a metaphor for consciousness but was also an avatar), become the Hanged Man and reconnect with the ancient waters. Because it is the waters of Earth that carry the memory of the runes. And it is from those waters, represented by the Well of Urd, that Odin gained the wisdom of the runes. To be able to access this level of knowledge, the Seeker must be willing to let go of all attachments to ordinary reality through a process of initiation.

There are several stages in the process before we can access this knowledge. Like Odin, we must first sacrifice our right eye. This is a metaphor for giving up the left-brained version of reality since the left side of the brain is connected to the right eye. We can’t expect to tap into far memory if we maintain the left-brained view of reality. Far memory that reaches into the antiquity of antediluvian times doesn’t make sense according to the rational, linear mind which only operates along the time-space continuum.

Once we have tapped into the power of the right hemisphere of the brain comes a period of purification, leading to greater levels of discernment. For some, this is a work of many lifetimes. Intuition and imagination are tools for remembering but they also bring many pitfalls. Eventually, a rebalancing of the two hemispheres takes place so that we can make sense of what we pull out of the Well of Urd.

Water as the Medium for Hyperborean Runes

Of course, the runes themselves always knew they would make a come-back. They have been patiently waiting for humanity to reach a certain level of consciousness. As we emerge from the Kali Yuga and the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer, many are ready to remember.

We see evidence of this readiness in the research into the memory and consciousness of water that started in the 20th century by people like Masaru Emoto. What researchers like Veda Austin are finding is that water (she prefers the terms ‘the waters’) has consciousness. Our ancestors knew this and the consciousness of water was the Great Dragon Mother to them. Without Her, there could be no life.

The Ocean is a Spirit that has had many female avatars on Earth, just like the Sun has had male avatars. Venus, Yemaya and Freya are three of them. You can communicate directly with Water but you can also gain knowledge by talking to one of Water’s avatars. Freya’s father was Njord but she was her own mother and father because she gave birth to herself out of the waters. This was the way of things in Hyperborea.

Hyperborean Rune Essences

Before making a rune essence. Ask the Spirit of Water which rune it would like to work with for your best and highest good. If you are making an essence to put back into a body of water, ask the spirit governing that body of water directly what it needs before pulling a rune.

Pour the water you are working with into a glass container. Plastic is not ideal but if that is all that you have available, it will still work. It doesn’t matter if you only have tap water or some other form of dead water, the runes can bring it back to life. However, if you suspect there are harmful levels of toxins or pollutants in the water, it should not be used for making essences.

Trace the rune over the water and chant its name three times. Visualise the light of the rune affecting all the trillions of molecules in your glass of water. Then drink the water and visualise the light spreading through the trillions of molecules in your body. Use the same method of visualisation for any body of water that you are working with.

Just the Beginning

Making essences to help ourselves and the environment is just the beginning. It’s baby steps for humanity at this stage in human evolution. But as we start to experience the expansion of our consciousness thanks to working this way, we will soon expand into more advanced technologies for working with Water.

Once you learn how to make a basic Hyperborean rune essence, you can work with flowers and crystals to combine the rune energy with these materials for whatever purpose you have in mind.

If you are drawn to this work, you are one of the Cup Bearers of the Age of Aquarius!


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