Berkano Cosmic Book Tarot Spread

Berkano Rune Tarot Spread

Berkano Rune Tarot Spread

Berkano (aka Berkana) is the rune of nurturing, the Mother Goddess rune. I affectionately call Berkano ‘the cosmic boob rune.’ This rune covers all aspects of nurturing. It’s about nurturing self and others, as well as allowing ourselves to be nurtured, both by the Divine and the people in our lives.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Berkano/Beorc:

“The poplar bears no fruit; yet without seed it brings forth suckers,
for it is generated from its leaves.
Splendid are its branches and gloriously adorned
its lofty crown which reaches to the skies.”

Learn more about holistic rune meanings and correspondences for Berkano HERE.

Berkano Cosmic Boob Tarot Spread

Berkano Cosmic Book Tarot Spread
  1. How I successfully nurture myself
  2. Which aspect of self needs more nurturing
  3. The state of my inner child
  4. My nurturing style – Others
  5. How to better nurture loved ones
  6. How I allow the Divine to nurture me
  7. How to better allow the Divine to nurture me

ETA Jan 2024: It’s been a few years since I created this spread and it just occurred to me how well this spread would read with the Goddess of Love Tarot. Check out my review of this deck HERE!

Berkano Cosmic Boob Tarot Spread – Sample Reading

  1. How I successfully nurture myself4 of Cups (Moon in Cancer). I allow myself to daydream. I stopped pushing my body and started resting more when tired. I’m in touch with my emotions.
  2. Which aspect of self needs more nurturing King of Swords (Fire of Air). More studies that develop my ability to reason logically, set presuppositions aside and stay detached in order to arrive at the truth of any matter. Develop my professional persona.
  3. The state of my inner child Knight of Swords (Air of Air). My inner child is very keen on the kind of studies suggested above.  She is on a quest for the truth right now… She has a ferocious need to create something original, something that propels mankind forward. She cares about humanity and she knows that we can only move forward if we move as one.
  4. My nurturing style – OthersThe Hermit (Virgo). I encourage people around me to contemplate and think more deeply.
  5. How to better nurture loved ones Ace of Pentacles (Earth). Increase quality cooking/feeding and more hands-on care, in general.
  6. How I allow the Divine to nurture meThe Black Cat (Spirit). I take a feline approach and curl up in the lap of the divine when I feel like it. I don’t have a disciplined approach. I feel well cared for and very much loved.
  7. How to better allow the Divine to nurture mePage of Cups (Earth of Water). More spontaneous acts of devotion… Be more like my sister’s cat who constantly seeks out cuddles. Open up to greater levels of trust and a sense of wonder. Every day is a magical gift. The Page of Cups is the proverbial wide-eyed child at Christmas..

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  1. Oh, Lisa, you made my day with this one!

    I still remember a Rune calendar that was based on Ralph Blum’s teachings that I owned several years ago. When I learned that Berkano/Berkana corresponds to the Sun-Sign Capricorn (my Sun-Sign, as well as my Mercury- and Venus-Sign), as well as having an affinity with Birch tree, one of the translations of Berkano/Berkana (particularly Silver Birch), I have always welcomed this Rune in my life and my world.

    I cannot wait to do a YouTube video featuring your Berkano Cosmic Boob Tarot Spread.

    Speaking of Tarot, I AM thoroughly enjoying your @2018TarotReview, and shall post my video for Day 4–Stability on my Instagram page a little later today.

    Thank you so much for all you do for so many.

    1. Post

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the 2018 Tarot Review. There’s a few of us doing it in the Tarot Geekery FB group – not very many on Insta but thanks for holding up the flag there! 🙂

      Ralph Blum has a unique take on the runes that never fully resonated with me. Capricorn for Berkano seems odd to me as it’s the most feminine of all the runes… but to each their own. Blessed be!

      1. Indeed, Lisa, I AM enjoying #2018TarotReview very much.

        As for Facebook, I deactivated my Facebook page for the second and last time on Monday, November 21, 2016, and truly, I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As I have often stated in my YouTube videos, I have NO PROBLEM with others using Facebook; I simply had a reason with me continuing to use it.

        I rarely do videos on my Instagram page, so this has been a perfect opportunity for me to do so.

        I must admit, it did not take me very long to learn that there are many who do not resonate with Ralph Blum’s take on the Runes. I have learned Runes from other people and other resources that have come to resonate with me. Also, I AM long overdue to engage in a serious study of the Runes, and there is an upcoming online course from Motherhouse of the Goddess that begins in January (my Birthday month), 2019 that I AM looking forward to, as I have no doubt it shall teach me so much, and can only enhance my Rune Castings.

        In closing, given that the Ralph Blum Rune calendar was from more than twenty years ago, it is possible that I AM remembering the Sun-Sign correspondence incorrectly; perhaps I have yet to discover which Rune correponds to my Sun-Sign, but I digress.

        In any event, my awesome audio-visual person and I are about to record the “Berkano Cosmic Boob Tarot Spread” video.

        As always, thank you for all you do.

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