King of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

King of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

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The King of Swords is the leader who is able to detach from his own needs and desires in order to make objective decisions in favour of the highest good of All. His leadership style is defined by wise words and equally wise choices. Archetypally, a link could easily be made with King Solomon. This King can also be seen as a professor at the top of his game, lecturing to hundreds of awestruck students.

“Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish.”
~ Anne Bradstreet

Holistic Tarot card meanings and correspondences for the King of Swords
King of Swords from the Frideborg Tarot

“To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself.”
~ Albert Einstein

More than any of the other Kings (all authority figures in their own right), he understands the power of the word. If not found leading an organisation, this card symbolises the thought leader, the innovator or any extremely gifted writer/orator. There is a precise method and strategy behind all he does. He functions best when his intellect is married to strong faith in divine guidance.

The Dark Side

His scientific and detached approach can be offputting to some who are quick to write him off as aloof and even arrogant. And it is true that at one end of the spectrum, the King of Swords is prone to display the more negative traits of the Air Element. He sees it as none of his concern if people get emotional about his decisions and he has no need for outside approval. He may also use words to manipulate people but usually for what he sees as a worthy cause. Many politicians and lawyers are King of Swords-type personalities.

Affirmation: “I defer to Holy Spirit guidance.

King of Swords Prayer

King of Swords Tarot Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, thank you for the ability to choose wisely and to detach from the doubt and uncertainty of the monkey mind. I ask for Holy Spirit guidance on my path so I can be a guide and mentor for others. Amen and so it is!

Correspondences for the King of Swords

Zodiac Sign: Gemini – For timing purposes, the first two decans and the final decan of Taurus

Element: Fire of Air

Archangel: Michael, ruler of the Element of Fire and Raphael, ruler of the Element of Air

Gemstones: Yellow calcite, aquamarine and fluorite

Essential oil: Basil

The King of Swords in Love and Relationships

The King of Swords is the King of the Intellect. He’s extremely gifted when it comes to logical, linear thinking, problem solving and Sudoku. You probably won’t stand a chance against him at a game of chess either.

His intellectual capacity can be intimidating to less gifted people and we often find him in a position of authority, such as a doctor, lawyer or university professor.

If his mind is in overdrive (due to an inability to ground mental energy), he can get anxious and when he gets anxious he can turn to quite nasty and devious ways of finding relief.  


He will dazzle pretty much anyone with his intellect.

You won’t often get told ‘you could do better than him’ because the King of Swords is usually highly revered in our (still) patriarchal society.

Your conversations will be stimulating and could potentially help expand your own mind.

He’s not only employed – you are guaranteed not to find him working in the Coop, stacking shelves. If you want a high flier with lots of status, he’s the one!

He’s not the jealous type.


Can be cynical and/or arrogant.

Sensitivity is not his forte. If you try to turn to him for a shoulder to cry on, he might go all ‘Spock’ on you.

He may find it difficult to let go and just enjoy himself in the sack. Too much going on upstairs.

Passion and romance are concept that are quite alien to this guy but he’s smart enough to do what’s expected of him… So don’t demand warmth with it as well – that’s too tall an order for this King!

Type of date he prefers

Because he’s aware of his own social standing as well as where to find quality food and entertainment, he’s likely to take you to a Guide Micheline-type restaurant or a classical concert. He’ll make sure he has plenty of time to interview you to ascertain if you possess enough intellectual prowess to stimulate his mind.

Time from your first date until you introduce him to your parents

Along with the King of Pentacles, this is one out of only about two men your dad will approve of, so if you worry about parental approval he may well be worth hanging on to!

He will meet the parents well within the first 6 months of the relationship. The only problem is that he’s so darn busy!

Wedding style

Nothing too extravagant but it will be classic, elegant and have a pared-down feel. The King of Swords is a lover of minimalist elegance, as it helps him declutter his very busy mind. He’s likely to sneer at anything remotely vulgar, over the top or with too many frills.

Type of dad he would make

His children’s education will be his top priority. He may be more at ease with sons than with daughters. Teaching his kids algebra or how to play the piano will delight him.

He may sometimes come across as a bit absent-minded or aloof to his children. Children might have a positive effect on him in terms of grounding. Family life might not always come naturally to this Mutable Air sign man, but it does him a world of good!

His best match

The Queen of Wands as a) she inspires him and they spark off each other and b) she can deal with his emotional detachment – she has enough warmth for both of them! His worst match: The Queen of Cups as a) he would not be able to comprehend her almost bottomless need for emotional intimacy and b) she would bruise his male ego by putting more stock in the numinous realm than the logical one that he masters.

King of Swords as Situation, Challenge, Opportunity and Action Advice

Situation: Communication and objectivity (or a lack of it) are in focus

Challenge: There is no need to see things as black or white… see the full harmony of colours and detach

Opportunity: Clarity and understanding may be had after careful intellectual and objective analysis of the situation

Action Advice: Consider both sides of the argument before making your mind up. Better yet, see if you can entertain both sides without a need to choose!

The Marseille Tarot image in this post is from the CBD Tarot by Yoav Ben-Dov.

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