Eihwaz Spiritual Discipline Rune Tarot Spread

Eihwaz Rune Tarot Spread

eihwaz rune tarot spread

Eihwaz is the yew tree rune. It is a rune of initiation, shamanic practices and spiritual discipline. It connects the lower world with the upper world. In the human body, it corresponds with the spine and the energy channels through which kundalini rises.

In the Tarot, the corresponding cards are Death and Judgement.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Eihwaz:

“The Yew is a tree with rough bark, hard and fast in the earth, supported by its roots, a guardian of flame and a joy upon an estate…”

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Eihwaz Spiritual Discipline Rune Tarot Spread

Eihwaz Spiritual Discipline Rune Tarot Spread

1. Habitual input – What you feed your spirit on a daily basis. This includes meditation, prayer, studies etc as well as your self-talk and gives a general snapshot of your most prevailing state of mind.
2. Your foundation – Useful skills and techniques that you have acquired so far
3. Where you need to put more effort in – This could concern an everyday area of your life that is a spiritual dead zone or it could refer to a specific spiritual practice that takes some tweaking
4. Your main spiritual gift – If this looks like a negative card, it most likely reflects tough life lessons that you have mastered or are in the process of mastering and therefore will be able to help others with
5. Habitual output – What you regularly emanate into the world from the core of your being. This reflects your interactions with others as well as the energy you radiate into the world around you.

Eihwaz Spiritual Discipline Tarot Spread – Sample Reading

1. Habitual input5 of Swords. I actually predicted I would get this card here and would have been quite surprised if it hadn’t shown up. There is way too much conflict in my mind because I keep processing all the conflicts going on in the world around me… You know, the stuff we all watch on the news and that shows up in our social media feeds. Everything is so polarised right now and I have allowed myself to get pulled along by some of it. I just want peace now – I need to move away from all this conflict, both external and internal…
2. Your foundation8 of Cups. This card shows me that I have laid a good foundation for moving on. I forgive easily and I’m well aware of my own faults. I don’t project much. If I have baggage, I pick it up and take it with me until I can resolve it rather than dump it on someone else. I don’t allow toxic situations to get the better of me and I don’t place myself in victim mode.
3. Where you need to put more effort in – The Tower. I need to balance my masculine energy and act on inspiration more. I need to tear down all old constructs to make room for the new… new thoughts, and new ways of doing things. No. more. excuses.
4. Your main spiritual gift – Ace of Swords. Writing, prayer, logic, truth, reasoning and spirit communication.
5. Habitual outputPage of Cups. I internalise a lot of the things I sense and escape into fantasy and wishful thinking. This is why I need more of the Power of the Tower in my life.

Overview and Summary

The Elemental Balance in this spread is interesting. Earth is missing and Fire is only present in the advice position. I think I can come up with a plan and spiritual practice that will help me rectify this imbalance and concomitant passivity. Earth missing means an element of stability missing. I feel I need more material support than I have and I easily get restless which makes me look for excuses instead of getting stuck in with the real work I’m here to do. The Tower is there to remind me that I have been looking for support in the wrong places and that I need to turn to Source for that to a higher degree than I have been.

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