Fehu Rune Prosperity Tarot Spread

Fehu Rune Tarot Spread

Fehu Rune Prosperity Tarot Spread

Let’s learn the Elder Futhark runes with a bit of help from the Tarot!

Because my primary tool for divination is the Tarot and because I use the Tarot daily, I tend to use the Tarot as a mnemonic for other things as well. You could say that I ‘tarotize’ everything I learn. When learning the runes, for instance, I immediately started looking for Tarot correspondences that made sense. Today, I’m taking things one step further in terms of tarotizing the runes, I have created a Fehu Rune Tarot spread for the Fehu rune to help you memorise its meanings as well as better understand how to personally utilise the power of this rune.

Fehu is a rune of movable* wealth, prosperity, wages, abundance and new beginnings. Upright, it is a rune of success in any career endeavours but it can also signify prosperous developments within a relationship. Together with Gebo, it signifies a mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationship or business partnership.

Reversed, Fehu can denote stinginess, misuse of one’s talents, bad investments, financial loss and negative expectations in relationships.

In the Tarot Minor Arcana, Fehu corresponds with the suits of Pentacles and Wands. In reading with the Fehu Tarot spread, getting mainly Wands and Pentacles is an indication that the energy of this rune is strongly at work in your life right now, usually for the better.

You can read about the Fehu rune, its reversed meaning and correspondences more in-depth HERE.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Fehu

Wealth is a comfort to all men; yet must every man bestow it freely,
if he wish to gain honour in the sight of the Lord.

*  The movable wealth of Fehu is in contrast to inherited wealth, family fortune and/or the family homestead symbolised by the Othala rune.

Fehu Prosperity Tarot Spread

Fehu Prosperity Tarot Spread

1. How prosperous I am in general
2. How I can generate more movable wealth
3. How prosperous I am likely to be on my current career path
4. Main obstacle to generating more material abundance
5. How to be more generous with myself and my gifts
6. How to invest in my health
7. How to invest in my relationships

Feel free to share your reading with the Fehu Prosperity Tarot spread in the comments below. If you need a bit of help with any of the cards, I’m happy to add my two cents as long as you share your take (with positional meanings) first.

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