Gebo Rune Tarot Spread

Gebo Rune Tarot Spread

Gebo Rune Tarot Spread

With the next rune, Gebo (aka Gyfu), we learn to trust in the flow of given and take. This concerns faith in the goodness of the Forces That Be as well as trust in close relationships. The Gebo rune can symbolise the exchange of vows in a wedding ceremony.

The word Gebo means ‘gift’ so this rune is about giving and receiving and also about knowing that there has to be harmony in this flow or the relationship with suffer. Hence, if Gebo is followed by for instance Naudiz in a relationship rune reading, we could be looking at a relationship that is imbalanced and impoverishing one party who is constantly giving to their beloved because they feel a need to rescue them.

The Gebo rune also allows us to examine how we are a gift to the world around us and how we can best use our innate gifts for the Highest Good.

The Tarot correspondences are Justice, The Lovers and 6 of Pentacles.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Gebo/Gyfu:

Generosity brings credit and honor, which support one’s dignity;
it furnishes help and subsistence
to all broken men who are devoid of aught else.

Learn more about holistic rune meanings and correspondences for Gebo HERE.

Gebo Relationship Harmony Rune Tarot Spread

Gebo Relationship Harmony Rune Tarot Spread

You can choose either a specific relationship for a reading with this spread or decide to read on your relationship with the Divine/Source/All.

1. You as a giver
2. How to modify or improve your giving
3. How to build more trust
4. Your main gift to the world/your beloved

Gebo Relationship Harmony Tarot Spread Sample Reading

1. You as a giver9 of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces): I give because of compassion and I don’t discriminate about who is worthy. I give expecting nothing back. I am a natural giver.
2. How to modify or improve your givingDeath (Scorpio): I need better boundaries and I need to learn to just say no, without a need to justify.
3. How to build more trustAce of Wands (Fire): My communication needs to be more frank and direct. I need to remember how powerful I am since I default to giving my power away as well.
4. Your main gift to the world/your beloved2 of Cups (Venus in Cancer): I make a home for my beloved with my love. I keep him safe and stay faithful.


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