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Hagalaz Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Hagalaz Elder Futhark Rune

Hagalaz – Rune of Disruption

The Hagalaz rune has a very ‘Tower’-like effect, for those of you who are familiar with Tarot. When it shows up, it inevitably means the destruction and disruption of something you had been busy constructing in your life… or maybe the whole world around you comes crumbling down, such as when natural disasters strike.

Hagalaz is the 9th rune and the first rune of the second line of runes known as Hagal’s aett/ätt (aett = family).

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

The Hagalaz rune even looks a bit like the Tower that has started to crumble and the roof has fallen in.

The Norse word ‘hagalaz’ translates into hagel in modern Swedish and simply means hail in both instances.

Hail never comes without a storm and this is the kind of storm that will at a minimum bring disruption to whatever you have going on but it can range all the way to complete destruction of life as you know it. Surrounding runes will give you a fuller picture of what is going on.


  • Polarity: Feminine
  • Colours: Red, white and black
  • Herbal correspondences: Hops, henbane
  • Tarot card correspondences: The 5s in the Minor Arcana
  • Archangel correspondences: Archangel Camael
  • Chakra correspondences: Root chakra
  • Health: Protection from accidents, injuries from falling, anger issues, confusion, problems related to the head, and all kinds of stress-related issues

Divinatory Meanings

General: disruption, trauma, destruction, storms, natural disasters, life changes, egotism, pride of the kind that goes before a fall, no spiritual underpinning to ongoing dealings, righteous anger, rage – Reversed: N/A (this rune is the same reversed)

Love & relationships: break-ups, blow-outs, unexpected endings in love – Reversed: N/A

Health/wellbeing: cuts, bruises, broken bones, accidents, protecting oneself against accidents – Reversed: N/A

Business: stock market crisis, natural disasters affect business, unexpected cutbacks and layoffs, unexpected mergers that lead to massive reorganisation – Reversed: N/A

Holistic Healing Tips and Hagalaz Magick

You will come across this rune being used to curse someone and also the claim that it is a ‘clean curse.’ I’m speaking from experience on this: Don’t and there is no such thing as a clean curse. If you curse someone, you must be willing to assume responsibility for the energy you put out there. And while you can protect yourself, you cannot completely control the way in which the hex rebounds.

Hagalaz in Protection Magick

Using the Hagalaz rune in protection magick can be a powerful way to protect yourself from negative energies and potential harm when you have to visit places filled with the energy of battle or war. You do this by creating a snowstorm barrier all around you as a shield. To begin, simply draw the Hagalaz rune on a piece of paper. Place this symbol in a location that holds significance for you, such as your altar or a personal sacred space. Ground and focus your energy on the rune. As you focus on the rune, visualise a powerful snowstorm, acting as a shield against any detrimental forces. Set the intention for any harmful energy directed at you to be cleansed and transmuted by the snowstorm

Another technique in using the Hagalaz rune for protection is to wear it as a talisman or amulet. You can find jewellery or accessories that feature the Hagalaz symbol, or you can create your own using materials like clay, wood, or metal. Infuse the talisman with your intentions for protection and wear it daily to carry the energy of the rune with you wherever you go. This is especially effective for devotees to the Goddess Hel. Remember to cleanse and recharge your talisman regularly to maintain its efficacy in your protection magick practices.

Banish Wishful Thinking

Holistically, this is also a good rune to meditate with to rid oneself of wishful thinking. It’s also a great rune to chant when righteous anger arises to muster the courage to do the RIGHT thing. Also, draw the Hagalaz rune in the palm of both hands for this.


  • I am safe from life’s storms in God’s arms.
  • I fear no one who cannot harm my eternal soul.
  • I am brave in the face of social injustice.
  • All is well, all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well (Julian of Norwich)
  • I express my anger in healthy ways.
  • Trust in God is my foundation and the Holy Spirit lights my path

Hagalaz Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, Thank you that you keep me eternally safe even in life’s most stormy moments. Help me to avoid unnecessary calamity by building my life inspired by the wisdom of your Holy Spirit. Amen and so it is!

Hagalaz and Hyperborean Water Magic

Hagalaz is powerful enough to part water and should therefore be used sparingly, for instance in the case of an emergency when you find yourself under attack.

Use it to disturb calm water if you are being chased across the sea/a lake or to stir up a thunder or hail storm if you are being pursued over land.

Hagalaz should not be consumed as it is too disruptive to bodily homeostasis. However, you can charge water according to the method below and keep it in a vial for emergency protection use. It can be used to disrupt and create chaos in a situation where powerful oppressive forces are seeking to destroy the people you have been charged to protect.

How to Charge the Water

  • Draw the rune over your glass or another glass vessel with the pointer and middle finger on your dominant hand.
  • Chant the name of the rune three times.
  • Visualise the rune glimmering in the colour of your choice as you chant (see colour correspondences above).
  • Visualise the light from the rune charging every molecule in the water until the light expands beyond the glass. When the light has formed an aura around the glass that you can see or feel with your hands, it is ready to drink/use.

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