hagalaz rune tarot spread

Hagalaz Tarot Spread

Hagalaz Rune Tarot Spread Elder Futhark Rune

Hagalaz simply means ‘hail’ and it is the rune of the disruptive forces of nature, too wild for us to tame or harness. This energy becomes present and can be seen in our lives any time we are disrupted by overpowering outside forces. Though we cannot always understand cause and effect, many times these forces show up in response to the bad choices we have made. 

However, because this is not always true – Think for instance of innocent victims of earthquakes and tsunamis etc – We do well to not judge and to definitely not ever tell someone who is already suffering that they brought this suffering on themselves. Seeking to understand the cause and effect for ourselves is an entirely different matter.

Hagalaz also speaks of greater patterns beyond human understanding and the awe we feel when catching a glimpse of those patterns. This includes the truly terrible life lessons we all must suffer. Sometimes, in the midst of suffering, we sit up straight with an aha moment. Any time that happens, the suffering is not for nought.

Hagalaz is a force which tempers us but also one that purges us. The Anglo-Saxon rune poem reminds us of how hail always inevitably melts and becomes water. Water purifies us. The storm passes. ‘This too shall pass’ is a good thing to remember when Hagalaz shows up.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Wunjo:

Hagall is the whitest of grain,
it is whirled from the vault of heaven
and tossed about by gusts of wind
then melts into water.”

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Hagalaz Tarot Spread

hagalaz temper and purge rune tarot spread

1. This disaster
2. Prepares you this way
3. By strengthening this

4. This emotional upheaval
5. Helps you let go of this
6. So that you can

7. Universal/bigger picture
8. Personal history/karmic

Hagalaz Temper and Purge Rune Tarot Spread – Sample Reading

1. This disaster8 of Pentacles. Working very hard for very little money. Barely enough for essentials. Having to sell things to make ends meet.
2. Prepares you this wayThe Moon. Makes me have to face my deepest fear about a lack of security and stability in life.
3. By strengthening this5 of Pentacles. By strengthening my ability to grieve and let go.

4. This emotional upheavalJustice. Has created a deep feeling of disharmony and makes me question fairness.
5. Helps you let go of this6 of Wands. Vainglory.
6. So that you can6 of Cups. Return to innocence.

7. Universal/bigger picture7 of Swords. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Nothing really belongs to anybody permanently anyway. Private ownership is an illusion.
8. Personal history/karmicThe Wheel of Fortune. Many big financial upheavals all the way through my life. Learning to centre myself in the hub and realising that none of it lasts forever.

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