the cupbearers of the age of the holy spirit

The Cupbearers and The Age of the Holy Spirit

holy grail the cupbearers of the age of the holy spirit

The Ace of Cups in the Tarot is the card, I associated the most with the Holy Spirit. In the Major Arcana, it’s The Fool first and then The World where the soul alchemy has been completed and we live fully Spirit-led lives. The Cups courtiers, then, are the Cupbearers, aka the Carriers of the Holy Grail. I see this as the group of people who are at the forefront of ushering in the Age of the Holy Spirit.

The Age of Aquarius or the Age of the Waterbearer is the first era in the Age of the Holy Spirit which covers a larger period of time, coinciding with the 6th Sun.

Among followers of Christ, many of the Cupbearers are experiencing the second coming now. Most of these sensitives find it difficult to remain in the stultifying environment of traditional Christianity. This is why we see online groups (such as this group, headed by Katy Valentine) discussing metaphysical and esoteric Christianity booming now.

The Four Carriers of the Holy Grail

All four types of Cupbearers have similar gifts but express them differently. They are all sensitive, intuitive, caring and creative.

  • The Pages are the dreamers and sensitives who are quite happy to remain wallflowers. They like to serve but not to be seen (that way they have more time for their favourite pastime, daydreaming)
  • The Knights are the creatives who don’t mind being in the spotlight and recognised for their creative talents
  • The Queens are more concerned with relationships than being centre stage for their talents. They are often found caring for young children or vulnerable members of society
  • The Kings are the true leaders among the Grail folk. They help the rest get organised and often speak up on behalf of the oppressed

These four types of Cupbearers or Grail Carriers are not static. A mother whose children are flying the nest may well morph into the King once some time is freed up. The Page who has been serving quietly in the shadows may be called on to take centre stage with one of her talents.

The Divine Feminine and the Second Coming

The Cupbearers serve the Light of Creation which some call God and they do so by emulating Virgin Mary with her ‘fiat’ surrender of her being (mind-body-spirit) to the incarnation of Christ. Many of us who follow Christ are now realising that we each have to incarnate Christ in our own minds and bodies. This is the second coming – the Holy Spirit empowerment that could only happen once we broke the disempowerment of church leaders, no matter how well-meaning.

There is a seamless continuation in the tradition of the mystics and gnostics that spills over into the Age of the Holy Spirit, which includes how we are meant to pray. Heart coherence is a fancy new word for the old way of praying from the heart, with compassion. I believe this is the type of prayer that is the most natural to the Cupbearers; It is the prayer of the Divine Feminine.

Sensitivity of Cupbearers

There is power in the vulnerability of the Cupbearers. However, these sensitive natives are easily affected by toxins so would do well to have a regular practice of purification and fasting. Avoid alcohol!

I firmly believe that you cannot function as a Cupbearer if you subject yourself to DNA-altering therapy. Please be careful and choose natural alternatives for your health instead. This is especially true if you are susceptible to physical conditions for which your doctor struggles to find any explanation. Many of you are Rh O-neg.

You transmute toxins in your body at a higher rate than the average person because you do not only transmute your own. Your etheric and physical bodies are both sponges for toxins around you. This makes your environment just as important to consider as your body. If you wish to serve effectively, you need to create a serene, stress- and toxin-free environment.

Other Challenges for Cupbearers

Other than toxicity and sensitivity, Cupbearers often feel adrift, lacking the assuredness and sense of direction of more fiery natives. Learning to be okay with this will make the rest of the journey much easier. Lacking direction or even a definite purpose should not get you down. When you experience this, simply allow yourself to rest in the lap of the Divine to recharge.

Your job is to keep keeping your heart open for Divine Love to flow to earth. Focus on that. You are protected and cared for. Angels have your back (and front and sides)!

Someone you may wish to consider to turn, in addition to the angels, is Mary Magdalene who has long since been associated with the Holy Grail.


Lisa Frideborg

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