Jera Harvest Rune Tarot Spread

Jera Harvest Rune Tarot Spread

Jera Rune Tarot

Today, I’m sharing a Jera Harvest Rune Tarot Spread. Jera is the rune of the Wheel of the Year. It reminds us that though time appears linear, it is cyclic and that what goes around, comes around. To me, as I grow older, I find this easier to see. My limited physical timeline in this incarnation, for instance, can quite easily be placed in greater cycles of life-death-rebirth.

Jera touches on the natural cycles of the Earth but also on the cycles within our psyche. It can, for instance, signify looping thoughts in the mind, or the creative cycle of an artist.

If we look at the Tarot, the most obvious correspondence would be the Wheel of Fortune but I feel Justice is a good match too because of the karmic ‘you reap what you sow’ energy of this rune.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Jera:

“Jera is a joy to men when the gods make the earth to bring forth shining fruits for rich and poor alike.”

Learn more about holistic rune meanings and correspondences for Jera HERE.

Jera Harvest Rune Tarot Spread

Jera Harvest Rune Tarot Spread

1. The seed – The nature of the harvest cycle the Tarot wants to highlight (or the nature of the issue at hand, if specified)
2. How you nurture the seed – Your own role in this harvest cycle
3. Outside influences – The environment and other people
4. The harvest – What you can expect before the next cycle begins (this may feel less threatening than a ‘final outcome’ card and it is also more true since nothing is only the final without also being a new beginning)

For position number one, you can let the Tarot show you what issue/cycle it wants to hone in on. This can be a great first general spread when a client comes to you without a specific question.

In this instance, Majors could, for example, point to a cycle of personal/spiritual development, Wands could concern cycles of creativity, Cups relationships or conception and Pentacles to finance or physical health.

Jera Harvest Rune Tarot Spread – Sample Reading

For this reading, I let the Tarot choose a cycle to talk about…

1. The seed – The High Priestess. This concerns my current cycle of growth on my Goddess-centred spiritual Path and choosing to work with Hekate as my tutelary deity for a limited time.
2. How you nurture the seed  – Ace of Pentacles. As if my entire existence depends on it. That’s how it feels and it may well be the case.
3. Outside influences – 9 of Wands. Scepticism and mistrust from many. As if you must have a certain type of ‘witch pedigree’ to follow Hekate… which is ironic since she is the Patron Goddess of outsiders. I have had some strange run-ins with people on Pagan forums where I’ve been subjected to both subtle and not-so-subtle put-downs because of being a freethinker (which – again – is ironic, since I got the same at church). As if there is one right way to follow Her… I swear some of these people are no different from fundamentalist Bible believers! Anyhoo, I decided I don’t need outside influences on this Path. I’m better off spending time with Her.
4. The Harvest – Queen of Swords. I will have grown in wisdom and independence. I will be better at expressing myself without attachment to how it will be perceived. Hopefully, I will be a better writer too at the end of this cycle.


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