kenaz rune tarot spread

Kenaz Rune Tarot Spread

kenaz rune tarot spread

With Raidho, we move forward in the world and with the next rune in the first row of the Elder Futhark, Kenaz, we explore our inner frontiers. This is the rune of soul alchemy and deep feminine wisdom. The latter should come as no surprise since this rune is etymologically associated with the word ‘cunt.’

How about we all pause for a minute and contemplate this. A word that is associated with deep wisdom, cunning, poetry (kenning), cleft, matrilineal relations and the Goddess’s vaginal opening was twisted by patriarchy into the worst of all the bad curse words… Interesting, yes?

Kenaz is also associated with wounds, blisters, fever and infection – All parts of us that are in need of healing because of too much heat (masculine/yang energy). Yet, we also need the heat and light of the torch rune to shine into the darkest corners of our soul for healing. This can be a tricky rune to understand and work with… Mainly because the work of soul alchemy, though based on simple principles of integration and balance of the Elements, isn’t easy. This is for instance why the Tarot with its four suits representing the four Elements + Spirit is a life-long study.

We Need the Wisdom of Kenaz to Keep Moving Forward

Invariably, when we start moving forward in the world with the Raidho energy, we will encounter stumbling blocks on our path which will require the strength and wisdom of Kenaz. What is unhealed within, will be reflected back at us in the outside world, in one form or another and sometimes in our own bodies.

The shape of the rune is that of a crevice. In its positive aspect, it represents healing and the controlled use of fire.

In the Tarot, we would look at Temperance for a Major Arcana correspondence.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Kenaz:

The torch is known to every living man
by its pale, bright flame; it always burns
where princes sit within.

Interestingly, the Norse and Icelandic rune poems focus more on the wound aspect of the rune and the Icelandic poem ends with ‘…abode of mortification.’ You can read more about holistic rune meanings for Kenaz HERE.

Kenaz Soul Alchemy Rune Tarot Spread

Kenaz Soul Alchemy Tarot Spread
  1. Which part of me needs illumination from within?
  2. What am I repressing?
  3. What strength can I draw on for balance and healing?
  4. How/where can I be more receptive?
  5. How/where can I be more active?
  6. What wisdom am I meant to take from this leg of the healing journey?

Kenaz Rune Soul Alchemy Tarot Spread Sample Reading

  1. Which part of me needs illumination from within?5 of Swords. The part of me that thrives on conflict.
  2. What am I repressing?Death. This really has to come to an end now.
  3. What strength can I draw on for balance and healing?The Hermit. The wisdom teachings I have studied. My ability to make room for contemplation and my willingness to see things through.
  4. How/where can I be more receptive?Queen of Wands. This concerns my female sexual energy and how I channel it. Anger and sexual energy are more linked than I realised. I could be overcompensating from my solar plexus chakra because of a weakness in my lower two chakras.
  5. How/where can I be more active?Page of Swords. I can actively seek the information I need for healing unhealthy expressions of Anger, such as the wisdom teachings found in Taoism.
  6. What wisdom am I meant to take from this leg of the healing journey? – Ace of Cups. Embrace unconditional love and prepare for a heart opening. Radical self-acceptance. Knowing that my true nature is love will bring peace.

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