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uruz holy runes

Uruz symbolises raw power, the universal force that seeks to manifest. This force is not God. God is more than a mere force, of course. Uruz has a sort of intelligence but it doesn’t possess a consciousness and most certainly not omniscience the way God does.

I have previously written about the Uruz rune, ascribing to it a masculine polarity. Having worked with it for a while, I would say it is neither masculine nor feminine but probably closer to feminine; it’s a force that gives birth and that rapidly cycles toward decay to be able to start the cyclical process of giving birth again.

Uruz can be wielded procreatively OR destructively. It’s a neutral force.

Uruz in the Futhark

Though Fehu comes first in the rune row, it could not exist without Uruz or Thurisaz. I see the first three runes as an interdependent trinity of primal matter (Fehu), energy (Uruz) and electricity (Thurisaz). Thurisaz is the tension that brings the quickening of the energy of Uruz.

It is the next rune, Ansuz, that adds spirit (pneuma/breath of life) to the mix, without which there can be no intelligent life. (This year, I’ve found myself wondering if Ansuz took an extended holiday because there are very few signs of intelligent life left on Earth.)

Uruz is an unconscious and chaotic force. This is why one-cell organisms can give birth to new cells. Consciousness is not needed for procreation. Yet consciousness permeates everything, organising and informing the process of even one-cell organisms… but more about that when we get to Ansuz.

Uruz is Your Drive

Uruz can be described as our drive, vitality or motivating force. But it’s not only inside us; it’s in all of creation too. It wants what it wants without caring much about the consequences. That’s why it can be dangerous if not used in controlled ways. Uruz is at work in major natural disasters, as well as in our drive to procreate.

To people who live close to nature, Uruz is a force that demands constant adaptation. Unfortunately, those of us who live in more civilized cultures have lost our sensitivity to this force and hence we have also lost much of our innate power. We go against the cycles of creation and destruction instead of working with them.

In order to use and direct Uruz, we have to be able to sense it. Wielding it also requires stamina. The traditional divinatory meanings (stamina, endurance, life force, healing, vitality, courage and manifestation) hold true for this rune, as do the root and solar plexus Chakra correspondences.

If you feel apathetic and lack drive/motivation, you need more Uruz. As a Christian, you don’t need to keep generating this energy within yourself. When you are depleted, you can ask for the Holy Spirit to top you up.

Exercise to Draw Strength from Uruz

Stand with your feet on the ground, hipswidth or wider. It’s ideal if it’s warm and dry enough for you to do this barefoot on the grass. Reach up with your arms toward the sun (imagine a sun above you if you can’t see it). Ask for the Holy Spirit to connect you to the core of the earth. If you like, you can chant “ooo-rooze” while doing this exercise.

Uruz is concentrated in the Earth’s magma. When the Thurisaz energy adds pressure/tension, it erupts in the form of volcanic activity.

Imagine the red magma beneath the surface. It’s the colour of your root chakra. Ask Holy Spirit to help you draw the vital essence of the magma up through your root chakra. Pay attention to how this changes the colour and texture of your root chakra. When your root chakra is smooth, even and pulsating with vibrant red energy, ask the Holy Spirit for this energy to be distributed to wherever in the body it is needed, i.e. any areas of depletion.

This works indoors as well but it’s always better to do energy work away from gadgets and in the fresh air.

Holy Spirit Assistance

The beauty of working with the Holy Spirit for the exercise above is that it leaves the control aspect to God. You don’t have to struggle to make sure that you get enough but not too much. You don’t have to know where the energy needs to be directed because the Holy Spirit knows and does it for you.

Also, the Holy Spirit is the only protection you need for doing energy work. If you belong to God and follow the Way, you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in you and can always rely on the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t forget to thank God after you complete any energy exercise!

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