the most powerful tarot affirmation

The Most Powerful Tarot Affirmation

Most Powerful Tarot Affirmation

Earlier this morning, during my morning run, I was doing some positive affirmations. Because why not use the time during your run to reprogram your mind, right? Mid-run, I got a download about doing a run-through of the Major Arcana, beginning with ‘I AM the Fool…’ In my mind, I went through all 22 Majors. It felt AMAZING! But wait. Spirit wasn’t done with me yet! Next, I was shown in my mind’s eye how to lay three cards out to create THE most powerful Tarot affirmation!

In my third eye, I saw The Fool, The Star, and The Universe/The World. I was also shown that the central card could be switched to whatever archetype you wish to embody.

The Most Powerful Tarot Affirmation - The Star Tarot
The Star Tarot

But do affirmations actually work? Heck yeah, they do! They are a very powerful tool for rewiring the subconscious mind by creating pattern interrupts that allow us to magnetise better things into our lives

Tarot Affirmation Ritual

This ritual is needs-based and does not need to be timed to any celestial event. On the converse, if you’re totally vibing with a celestial event, you can definitely choose the corresponding card to work with.

Choose the card you want to work with and lay the card out in the centre, flanked by The Fool to the left and The Universe to the right. Relax and breathe deeply for a few rounds. Then you simply say out loud (or in your mind): ‘I AM the Fool. I AM the Star. I AM the Universe.’ Do this as many times as you need. You’ll know when you are done.

Feel into the energy of the central card. Allow it to expand out from your heart centre until it fills your entire aura. If you are feeling brave, you can push this energy out all the way to the edge of existence. Allow the energy to touch everything that is and notice how it feels. Then pull your energy back in and allow your aura to shrink back to its natural size.

When you feel that you have successfully embodied the energy of your chosen archetype, write down some more I AM statements that relate to it. For instance, you may feel that ‘I AM hope’ or ‘I AM light’ are good fits for The Star. Choose the ones that you resonate the most deeply with and write them on some post-it notes that you can place around your home as reminders.

Why This Affirmation Is So Powerful

So how come this way of creating and working with Tarot affirmations is so incredibly powerful? Spirit showed me that using this affirmation technique places your chosen card in the correct context (Holy Spirit and Sophia/Anima Mundi) and automatically aligns your energy with the Highest Good through zero-point alignment. It does so by reminding you that you literally are the Fool on a hero’s journey and that whatever energy you call in must pull you in the direction of completion/transcendence. Out of zero-point alignment, nothing you manifest can last anyway, so this is definitely how you want to position yourself to have the most positive impact in the world!

Have fun playing with this way of attracting and manifesting!


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  1. Dear Lisa,
    For me, this tarot affirmation was quickly associated with Christian phrase “I am Alpha & Omega”. It is perfectly aligned and make so much a sense to me. Thank you again. Blessings. Mira

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