magical decrees - the goddess within

The Secret of Magical Decrees

magical decrees - the goddess within

In today’s post, we look at how to make magical decrees and how these decrees are different to prayers and petitions. While making a decree is not exclusive to any particular religion or spiritual path, it is based on the foundational belief that we are all born with divine ‘I AM’ authority.

In other words, we are like Mother-Father God in nature and different only in degree. The degree to which we differ depends on our awareness of the I AM presence within and our willingness to yield our ego. The more aware we become, the more we wish to express Higher Will. And the more we desire to express Higher Will, the easier it becomes to manifest our desires.

Because Higher Will always makes itself manifest (look around you!), it is cosmic Law that what we decree in alignment with this will ALWAYS comes to pass. This is the true meaning of, “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us” (1 John 5:14).

The Power of the I AM Presence

Neville Goddard is an author and teacher of spiritual principles who taught this concept by repackaging Christ’s teachings in a way that modern people can easily understand. In the book ‘Your Faith Is Your Fortune‘ he says:

While this may seem blasphemous for anyone raised by the church to believe they are less than this statement declares, it is good to remember that Christ said:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

Christ also stated that He and the Father are One, modelling the awareness of the eternal I AM presence within each of us. Neville Goddard goes on to explain how the Higher Mind holds this awareness and allows it to become expressed through a divine decree in the following statement:

According to Neville Goddard, the Bible is a psychodrama where all the characters can be viewed as aspects of the self/Self. Upon recovering from Religious Trauma Syndrome, this is indeed the way of reading the Bible that makes the most sense to me personally. A good resource for understanding the Bible from this point more esoteric point of view is the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.

Worldly Decrees vs. Magical Decrees

In the world of the ego mind, a decree is an authoritative order or judgment issued by a court or other legal authority. It is a legally binding decision beyond our power and control. This decree typically resolves a specific legal matter, such as a divorce, child custody, or property division. Decrees can also refer to orders issued by a government or religious institution. They carry the force of law and must be adhered to by the parties involved.

In the reversal of this ego-run 3D matrix, decrees then are something that usually serves to disempower most of us. Rewiring ourselves to believe in our power to make decrees that transform both ourselves and our circumstances thus takes a lot of work, at least initially.

Because making divine or magical decrees takes an enormous elevation of our awareness and means that we must stop listening to both the ego and the ‘kings of the world,’ most magical practitioners begin instead by making petitions and religious folks enter into prayer, petitioning whatever higher power they profess faith in.

Prayers, Petitions and Decrees

When it comes to prayer and petitioning a divinity, it involves directing one’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions towards a higher power or deity. Exoterically***, prayer is a spiritual practice where individuals communicate, seek guidance, express gratitude, or make requests to a divine being. You do not need an elevated state of awareness to direct a prayer to a source of power that you imagine is located outside or above yourself.

Nor does petitioning require that you elevate your mind to connect with the I AM presence within. A petition is very similar to a prayer. It is making a specific, formal request or plea to a deity, saint or angel for assistance, intervention, or blessings. Prayer and petitions do not require any sense of power and authority on behalf of the one praying or making the petition.

Personal Power and Authority

On the contrary, making a divine decree or an “I AM” statement from the higher self involves an awareness of personal power and authority being one’s true essence. It stems from the belief that every individual has a divine essence or higher self. Making a divine decree involves consciously declaring one’s intentions, desires, or beliefs, and aligning them with their true essence. It is a way of affirming one’s inherent connection to the divine and taking responsibility for creating one’s reality.

***According to Ariel Gatoga, the esoteric meaning of the word prayer is ‘communication between your deep mind, your conscious mind, and your superconscious mind.’ Praying in this manner does require a sense of sovereignty and authority of the one praying.

Magic and Religion

Magic can be approached very much like a religion where every spell is seen as a ‘prayer with props.’ Or it can be viewed from the point of view of consciousness elevation and the ability to create one’s own reality. In the case of the latter, the witch, sorcerer or magician has more in common with the mystics and alchemists than they do with exoteric religious practitioners.

Having been in and operated from several faith paradigms in my 53-year-old existence, I have concluded that many practitioners of magic and witchcraft are quite exoterically religious in the way they operate. There is no judgment in this statement; it is merely an observation.

Magical Decrees, Fiats and Manifesting

Making a decree is making a positive statement, based on faith in a Higher Will, about something as if it is true before it is manifest. This is typically done in all forms of manifesting, either out loud or silently. Sadly, we usually see magical decrees or fiats (effectual decrees) used only for banishing in the Craft. It is quite interesting that we believe in our absolute right to banish negative entities but struggle with believing that we are worthy of the highest good and limitless abundance in our lives.

Believing in our worth as the children of Mother-Father God is a process. How far we get in this lifetime regarding that process often depends on work done in past lives. The process involves moving away from identifying with our ego-personality into identifying only with our I AM presence.

Practising using decrees is something we can begin doing as soon as we realise that we are THAT. And a regular practice of using decrees will also speed up the process of expressing THAT. However, it is important to begin small enough for it to be believable at all levels of our being. We have to get the ego mind on board with this process so that we do not establish subconscious resistance and self-ridicule.


While it may sound as if making decrees and issuing fiats is something only proud people can pull off, it is quite the contrary. It takes a lot of humility for the ego to relinquish its power. This is because the ego’s default setting is to use projection and blame whenever things go ‘wrong.’ Asserting authority and sovereignty by making decrees means that we assume total responsibility for everything that happens in our lives.

And we do so in full awareness that the ego isn’t going anywhere. It will continue to influence us and make us trip up whenever we are less vigilant because it is accustomed to being in the driver’s seat and doesn’t take kindly to becoming a passenger. This is why it is so very important to start small when making decrees.

One beginner-friendly decree I have found works well is to invoke angelic assistance, guidance and protection by decree rather than by petition. This is the opposite of banishing harmful entities with evil intent. If we have the power to do the latter, we also have the power to do the former.

Try it and see what happens. Trust yourself as you embark on the journey of making magical decrees!


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