two magdalene oracles mystique of magdalene and mary magdalene oracle

A Review of Two Magdalene Oracles

two magdalene oracles the mystique of magdalene oracle and the mary magdalene oracle by meggan watterson

In today’s review of two Magdalene Oracles, we are looking at the Mystique of Magdalene Oracle by Cheryl Yambrach Rose and the Mary Magdalene Oracle by Meggan Watterson. These two oracles centred around the same person, Mary Magdalene, couldn’t be more different from each other!

On the one hand, we have the Grail Legend-themed mystical Mystique of Magdalene Oracle. On the other hand, we have the Early Church Social Justice-themed Mary Magdalene Oracle. I’m not going to attempt to compare the two because what they offer is so unique. They are both valid contributions to anyone on a Magdalene Path. And if you can make friends with both, all the better!

At the bottom of this post, I interview each deck to see how they feel about each other.

The Mystique of Magdalene Oracle

So let’s start with The Mystique of Magdalene Oracle. This 44-card oracle deck is published by Blue Rose Publishing. Cheryl Yambrach Rose is both the author and the artist behind this visually stunning deck. Each card is based on a painting and honestly, I could just lose myself in the image. They are portals for the imagination.

The 108-page guidebook contains three spreads that you can use. There is a brief one-page introduction and just over half a page of guidance on how to use the cards and then information about the individual cards.

The cards are large with a matte finish.

Video Flip-through to Music of The Mystique of Magdalene Oracle

The Mary Magdalene Oracle

The Mary Magdalene Oracle (also 44 cards) is published by Hay House Inc. It was released here in the UK two days ago (17 July) and I have had it on pre-order for a couple of months. The conceptual creatrix and author of the guidebook is feminist theologian Meggan Watterson. The artwork is by moonjube (Donna Outtrim).

The artwork is collage style made from what looks like old black-and-white photographs. The colours are muted with additions of red, gold and purple. The cards are really beautiful in their own right and can definitely spark the imagination. The cards feature mainly people of colour since, as Meggan Watterson points out, the Christian church in the world today consists of 70% people of colour.

The 95-page guidebook contains a wealth of information about Mary Magdalene, her Gospel and the early church. There are no spreads but there is a process for how to tap into your own inner guidance for the question that comes with each card. Meggan Watterson calls this process the Soul-Voice Meditation.

Video Flip-through to Music of The Mary Magdalene Oracle

My Thoughts on the Two Magdalene Oracles

I love both of these oracles and for different reasons. The Mystique of Magdalene Oracle allows me to float off in my imaginary bubble. Does it offer anything tangible for me to take back with me into the world? Sometimes but, more importantly, it nurtures my soul by facilitating closeness to the soul family portrayed in it.

The Mystique of Magdalene Oracle inspires devotion so I keep it on my altar.

With Watterson’s Mary Magdalene Oracle, you get more of a call to action with each card. This call arises from within, in response to the Soul-Voice Meditation question. What I love most about this oracle is that it actually gives you information about the teachings of Mary Magdalene. That’s not to say I always agree with Meggan Watterson on the interpretation of those teachings but I do enjoy her input.

Watterson’s Mary Magdalene Oracle provokes more of an intellectual process so it lives on my bookshelf.

In a way, these two oracles make two halves of the whole. I’m glad I have both of them!

How the Mystique of Magdalene Feels about the Mary Magdalene Oracle

the lady and the unicorn from the mystique of the magdalene oracle by cheryl yambrach rose

Thank you for bringing forward the sacred teachings of Mary Magdalene. They were hidden in plain sight for a long time but now they are out in the open and available thanks to you and others like you. I honour your contribution!

How the Mary Magdalene Oracle Feels About The Mystique of Magdalene Oracle

the anointed from the mary magdalene oracle by meggan watterson and moonjube

I appreciate the splendour of your art and how it awakens the soul through the imagination. It acts as a precious ointment that quietens the ego and helps the one beholding it to remember the eternity of their soul.


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  1. Well, I wish I had your open mind. It’s coming across as a SJW type deck. Too woke for me.

    Sigh. I’ll keep it for a little while and try to overlook the wokeness.

    I do enjoy the art though.

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