christ and mary magdalene a message about love and compassion

A Christ and Mary Magdalene Channelling

Before I share the Christ and Mary Magdalene channelling from yesterday morning, I want to share how it came about. In the image above, you can see pictures from two different oracle decks. The first two are from the Mary Magdalene Oracle and the third is from the Christ Consciousness Oracle. When I first found these oracles online back in April, I was astounded that they were going to be released within a day of each other here in the UK. They are by different deck creators and different publishers so I got a feeling this had been orchestrated by Spirit.

The day before yesterday, I bit the bullet and pre-ordered these decks. The Christ Consciousness Oracle is going to be released on the 17th of July and The Mary Magdalene Oracle on the 18th. The number 17 corresponds with The Star and the number 18 with The Moon. This too is significant. I heard Spirit tell me to pay attention to the numbers. If you know, you know.

After pre-ordering these decks, I received a notification of a Google Ads payment of £62.62. Again Spirit told me to pay attention to the numbers. So I went to the only Angel numbers site I trust, Joanne’s Sacred Scribes blog.

6262 angel numbers

I had known since April that these decks were going to be important in my life so this was wonderful confirmation.

A Message from Christ and Mary Magdalene

We are finished but we are not quite done. We are indeed behind the release of these oracle decks. Because though our work on Earth is complete, what we came to teach has been twisted beyond recognition. We are putting this right now, through various channels. Publishing these decks through two different channels is one of the ways we prove that the time for the correction of false teachings is now.

The time is now because humanity is running out of time to learn the lessons of compassion which was the main theme of the Age of Pisces. We are returning now, speaking as one, to help you reclaim sensitivity as your superpower. Because without sensitivity there can be no compassion.

The Moon, Fear and the Divine Feminine

Humanity’s emotional nature has been manipulated to resonate with the fear frequency distortions broadcast via the Moon. The Moon itself is not evil but negative entities use it for nefarious purposes. The time to put an end to this is now. How? You end this broadcast simply by refusing to act as signal boosters for fear.

When 10% of humanity consciously stops boosting the fear signals, the lunar broadcasts will grind to a halt. The Light will overcome the darkness. Heaven on Earth can be now. You choose.

Sensitive children with extraordinary spiritual gifts are especially sensitive to the lunar fear broadcasts. In their early years, they often see the entities behind them. How wonderful it will be for all of Earth’s children when these broadcasts end permanently and the Divine Feminine returns in her full splendour.

Cancer Season and Restoring the Balance

And so we are coming to you in this Season of Cancer as Lunar Revolutionaries to overturn the reign of terror here on Earth. And from now on, know that we speak as one voice. You cannot hear one without hearing the other. We are one and never separate from each other. Though it was always thus, the illusion of separation and superiority of the Divine Masculine has been persistent.

By restoring Luna to her pristine fear-free state, we are reinstating the power of the Divine Feminine. We are restoring the balance between the masculine and the feminine.

As we return to empower our soul family, there is an equal and opposite force lashing out. What you witness now is the death throes of the distorted masculine and feminine. In some ways, it can appear like a return to the witch-burning times. Do not be afraid.


This time the dying powers have another agenda. It is not about keeping control through a fear-based religion. They seek to cut the head off from the heart through AI. And they also seek to gain the power of reproduction without having to use the womb of a woman.

They Will Not Win

This chaos is coming to an end thanks to a mass awakening of heart-centred Spirit Warriors. Restoring harmony is not cheap. Many of these Spirit Warrior souls experienced extreme torment growing up. In many instances, your medical doctors diagnosed this as various forms of biochemical malfunctioning. Many of you were mislabeled and medicated instead of liberated and supported on your mission.

This is all coming to an end now. You are getting to know yourselves and your true power which is the power of unconditional love.

The Failed Sacrifice

Their midsummer sacrifice and its symbolic meaning of the crushing powers of water, representing human emotions, was not successful. Their wish was for you to fear your emotions and to seek sanctuary in AI. Instead, many of you laughed it off. But the best way forward is to not even take the bait. Focus your energy completely elsewhere. First, go within for healing. Then, there is much work to do to build heart-centred communities.

Receive our blessing now to be here who you came here to be, free of all fear programming.

We love you and you can always communicate directly with us. You do not need a priest to intercede on your behalf. We love and accept you just as you are. You are magnificent and your hearts are pure.


After channelling the message above, I laid the cards out for sharing it. I wanted to verify it was the right thing to do even though my ego-mind was fighting me on this (reflected in the 10 of Swords). I shared the picture of the reading on FB and Instagram and realised after I posted it to IG that it was my 333rd post. Wow!

The cards drawn were the Page of Cups, 2 of Cups (the card ruling the decan we are in now), The World, 4 of Wands with The Lovers (!) as the overarching spiritual theme. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I cried as a looked at these cards. That said, take only what resonates and leave the rest. This message is not for everyone. No message ever is. And those who have ears will hear.

a reading on the channelled message by christ and mary magdalene

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  1. I have ears and I heard the message loud and clear.
    We will win this battle .
    I try to get some people on board but it’s difficult as so many shut their eyes .

    I wondered why so many people lack compassion anymore. The above answers my question.

    I’ve been on the fence about the Christ consciousness deck and wasn’t aware of the Mary Magdalene one .

    Sigh. . Now I’ve got FOMO.

    1. Post

      Tara, you can have the direct link without the oracles. The main message was in the release dates and this channelling. It actually feels less relevant for me how working with the decks themselves will be now. The channelled message activated me to a new level of awareness and if those decks can keep developing this new awareness then that is great but if not, it will come another way. Love always finds a way. Are you hoping to use the deck(s) for self-development or readings for others? I’m hoping they will work for both but if not, I feel I have a complete system in the tarot. The Angelic correspondences I use now work for me and I also see the theme of Christ Consciousness more clearly through the deck.

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