what is mary magdalene for?

What Is Mary Magdalene FOR?

what is mary magdalene for?

The New Age/modern occult practices are just a revival of the ancient Gnostic deception. After my deliverance from a spirit of python, I no longer stand by what I have shared below. Only Jesus Christ saves. Only the blood of Christ has the power to heal, cleanse of us sin and drive out all wicked spirits. As of 9 January 2023, I only publish Christian content on Angelorum. I am keeping older posts to help people looking for answers in the realm of false light find Jesus.

What is Mary Magdalene FOR? Is Mary Magdalene here to help us usher in the Age of the Holy Spirit? Yes, she is. She is NOT here to help you have the best sex of your life or to help you engage endlessly in your own ‘woundology.’ Nor is she here to help you reunite with your ‘Twin Flame,’ at least not if you think that your Twin Flame is another person.

Mary Magdalene is a representation of Psyche and Christ represents Eros/Spirit (though they are both much more than that). The Holy Spirit is the compassion that binds the two in conscious awareness. Your bliss is assured when you get over yourself instead of going deeper into your ego desires. Surrender to the Divine and you will know union. Keep looking for a human ‘Twin Flame’ to complete you and you will stay spiritually stuck.

Don’t listen to the ones who are selling Mary Magdalene/The Divine Feminine as a product… as if She is the answer to your desire for all the products in the ads that you can’t afford to buy (and the dream guy on the dating site that’s out of your league) but that she will magically help you acquire if you just buy the workshop or training program.
Discern between spiritual teachers who pander to the ego and those who truly speak to the soul. The difference is often $$$ – Why? Because Spiritual Teachers who have a real connection with Spirit already know that everything YOU need is within you.

The Cupbearers

Real spiritual teachers are not trying to sell you anything by making you feel impoverished or less than whole. They don’t hold their own lives up like some kind of glossy magazine to emulate. They’re the finger pointing to the Divine, just like Mary Magdalene.

The connection between Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail is real but, again, perhaps not the way most people imagine. It’s most certainly not about a physical lineage. Along with the Virgin Mary, she is the prototype of the Cupbearers. You can learn more about the Cupbearers (or Grail Carriers) as depicted in the Tarot Suit of Cups in this article.

If you truly wish to know Mary Magdalene, get a copy of her Gospel. I recommend the translation with commentary by Jean-Yves Leloup.


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