Seheiah and the 6 of Wands (Jupiter in Leo)

28. Seheiah the Angel of Foresight and the 6 of Wands

Seheiah and the 6 of Wands (Jupiter in Leo)

Seheiah, the Angel of Foresight, is the 28th Shem HaMephorash whose name means ‘The God Who Heals’ or ‘God Who Heals the Sick.’ Seheiah has masculine energy and corresponds with the Element of Fire. He is an angel of longevity who helps us live life to the full. His protection covers all forms of accidents, chaos and disasters. He can bring more hope, happiness and harmony to our lives if we remember to ask and invoke his assistance.

Scanning the Hebrew letters She-Ah-Heh from right to left connects you with Seheiah’s energy.

She-Ah-Eh Se Seheiah

Seheiah is a Dominion who belongs to the Sephira of Chesed, ruled by Archangel Zadkiel. The Planetary correspondences are Jupiter and Mars. The corresponding stone is red jasper and the colours are magenta and purple. Of the seven spiritual gifts, he rules over strength. He grants those under his guardianship the gifts of clairvoyance and foresight.

Seheiah is the Guardian Angel of those born between 7 and 12 August. (Physical rulership)

He rules the time between 9:00 and 9:20 AM. (Intellectual rulership)

Seheiah rules the second quinance of the second decan of Leo. The corresponding Tarot card is the 6 of Wands (Jupiter in Leo). Yerathel, the Angel of Confidence, rules the first quinance of the same decan.

Secondary (emotional) rulership covers 4 February, 17 (from noon) to 18 April, 1 July, 14 September and 26 November.

Your Three Guardian Angels

We each have three Guardian Angels from birth according to the Kabbalah. As mentioned above, the first rules our physical appearance, the second the emotions and the third governs the intellect.

Use this calculator to find your three Birth Angels.

Calling on the Shem Angels

You may call on any of the 72 Shem Angels best equipped to help you anytime and for any reason. While you may use the psalm or the mantra below, using your own words is also perfectly fine.

The Divine Connection: Seheiah and the 6 of Wands

The Shem Angel Seheiah, whose name resonates with healing and divine foresight corresponds with the 6 of Wands, a Tarot card symbolising victory, success, and public recognition. Seheiah’s attributes and the essence of the 6 of Wands intertwine to provide clarity and understanding to those seeking guidance.

Victorious Foresight: Seheiah’s Influence on the 6 of Wands

This angel’s dominion over strength and clairvoyance deepens our ability to predict and shape our future triumphs confidently. By invoking Seheiah’s guidance, we can harness the capacity to not only foresee potential outcomes but also to navigate the path towards victory with strategic foresight.

Wisdom of the Wands: Seheiah’s Teachings through Tarot

The wisdom Seheiah offers through the 6 of Wands centres around the understanding that success is not just a result but a journey that requires insight, preparation, and a harmonious spirit. By embracing the essence of this angel:

  • You can gain protection from unexpected setbacks on the road to success; Seheiah is known to shield his wards from accidents and misfortunes, providing a smoother ride to the pinnacle of achievements.
  • Clairvoyance and foresight become accessible tools, allowing you to anticipate the outcomes of your endeavours and to make informed decisions that propel you towards your goals.
  • A sense of serenity and conviction envelops you, protecting against the anxiety and fear that often accompany high stakes and the limelight of success.
  • The strength governed by Seheiah can be invoked to maintain a strong backbone and resist the influence of overambition or passivity, which can hinder a successful outcome.
  • The angel’s connection to the 6 of Wands grants you the wisdom to celebrate your victories with humility and to use your successes as stepping stones for even greater accomplishments.

Invoking Seheiah for the 6 of Wands Wisdom

To distil Seheiah’s wisdom through the 6 of Wands, you might:

  1. Reflect on past successes and challenges, acknowledging the role of divine foresight in navigating those experiences.
  2. Meditate with the 6 of Wands, visualising Seheiah’s protective and enlightening energy guiding you towards your next victory.
  3. Use the “O God, do not be far from me; O my God, make haste to help me.” Psalm 71:12 to invoke Seheiah’s presence and blessing.

With Seheiah’s celestial energy complementing the triumphant symbolism of the 6 of Wands, you can extract deep wisdom from this card. It becomes a reminder that success is within reach when you move forward with strategic insight and a clear vision, safeguarded by the Angel of Foresight.

Psalm to Invoke Seheiah

O God, do not be far from me; O my God, make haste to help me.
Psalm 71:12

Situations that Seheiah Can Help With

  • Longevity
  • Clairvoyance
  • Predicting the future
  • Foresight
  • Premonition
  • A happy life
  • Protection from sickness
  • Protection from fire, lightning, and accidents
  • Miraculous healing
  • Wisdom and making sense of your life experiences
  • Health and rehabilitation
  • A sense of serenity
  • Protection against fear and anxiety
  • Prevention of reckless behaviour
  • Chaos
  • Upheaval
  • Ruin and misfortune
  • Fear of death and transformation
  • Worries about the future
  • A lack of confidence in your life plan and purpose
  • Worrying about others and how they perceive you
  • Surliness and overambition
  • Passivity

Example Uses of the She-Ah-Heh Mantra

Chanting the She-Ah-Heh mantra could be beneficial when you are seeking to cultivate courage and inner strength before making a major life decision. It might also assist in bringing clarity and heightened intuition if you are trying to predict potential outcomes for an important project at work. Additionally, the mantra can offer comfort and a sense of protection during times of physical recovery after an illness or surgery. You may use it to instil a feeling of calm and prevent anxiety before public speaking or performances. Furthermore, chanting She-Ah-Heh could help foster a positive outlook and emotional resilience in the face of personal challenges such as relationship issues or financial difficulties.


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