Yerathel and the 6 of Wands (Jupiter in Leo)

27. Yerathel Angel of Confidence and the 6 of Wands


Yerathel, the Angel of Confidence, is the primary guardian angel for those born between 2-6 August. The Hebrew name of this Shem HaMephorash sounds like Yoh-Reh-Tah. It means ‘God the Protector’ or ‘God Who Punishes Evildoers.’ While angels do not have gender, Yerathel’s energy is mainly feminine. This angel can help us remember and undo any past vows we have taken that no longer serve us. She can also help us connect more deeply with our soul essence so that we can move forward with a sense of confidence and purpose. This, in turn, will open doors of prosperity for us.

Scan the Hebrew letters, Yoh-Reh-Tah, from right to left to connect with the energy of Yerathel.

Yerathel is a Dominion who belongs in the Sephira of Chesed ruled by Archangel Zadkiel. She guides us to connect more deeply with our life purpose and protects us from those who seek to derail us from the purpose. One of her specialities is to help us become beacons of hope and optimism. The Planetary correspondence is Jupiter. Yerathel represents the Element of Fire. Her gemstone is smokey quartz and the corresponding colours are pink and magenta. Yerathel rules the spiritual gift of intelligence.

Yerathel is the physical Guardian Angel of those born between 2 and 6 August.

She is the intellectual Guardian Angel of those born between 8:40 and 9:00 AM.

She rules the first quinance of the second decan of Leo. The corresponding Tarot card is the 6 of Wands (Jupiter in Leo). Seheiah, the Angel of Foresight, rules the second quinance of the same decan.

Yerathel’s secondary (emotional) rulership covers 3 February, 16-17 (until noon) April, 30 June, 13 September and 25 November.

Your Three Guardian Angels

According to Kabbalah, we each have three Guardian Angels with us from birth. You can find out yours HERE.

Calling on the Shem Angels

You may invoke any of the 72 Shem Angels at any time. You can do so through prayer, Psalm Magic, scanning of the Hebrew letters or mantra chanting.

The Synergy of Yerathel and the 6 of Wands in Angelic Tarot

Yerathel aligns closely with the symbolism in the 6 of Wands. This card is imbued with the energy of triumph and recognition, much like the angelic properties attributed to Yerathel.

The 6 of Wands showcases a figure returning victorious from battle, often riding upon a horse and adorned with laurels of success. This imagery resonates closely with Yerathel’s domain as an angel of confidence and success. Traditionally associated with Jupiter in Leo, the card heralds a period of prosperity, achievement, and the successful realisation of goals. These qualities align with Yerathel’s mission to guide souls towards a confident and purpose-driven life.

Yerathel bestows a fiery energy similar to that of the 6 of Wands. This fervent spirit can be called upon to overcome obstacles, celebrate one’s accomplishments, and invoke protection along the path to greatness. Those looking to elevate their platform of success may find solace and support in contemplating the image of the 6 of Wands while meditating on Yerathel’s presence. It can help with embracing optimism and liberation from past restraints.

Drawing the 6 of Wands during a reading could suggest Yerathel’s encouragement. It acts as a prompt to remember the angel’s promise to uplift and safeguard us as we triumphantly advance towards our destiny. Combining Yerathel’s guidance and the victorious symbolism of the Tarot card offers a dual beacon of hope and exultation in the quest for personal and spiritual advancement.

Psalm to Invoke Yerathel

“Deliver me, O Lord, from evildoers; protect me from those who are violent.”
Psalm 140:1

Situations/Issues Yerathel Can Help With

  • Protection
  • A lack of energy
  • Optimism
  • Creating a good atmosphere
  • Writing so that others can understand
  • Integration into society
  • Dispelling chaos
  • Success and achievements
  • Cutting ties with people who are ill-intended or who belittle you
  • Liberation from spirits or people who seek to thwart your development
  • Enjoyment of science, art and literature
  • A love of justice
  • Adjust confidence levels so that you have neither too little nor too much confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • People-pleasing
  • Protection against fruitless endeavours
  • Hyperactivity/overexcitement
  • Entity possession
  • Imprisonment
  • Lack of ability to focus
  • Lack of wisdom
  • Perversion
  • Provocation

Chant the Yoh-Reh-Tah Mantra…

Chanting the Yoh-Reh-Tah mantra can be particularly helpful in the following situations:

…if you are feeling threatened or are in a situation where you need divine protection, chanting the Yoh-Reh-Tah mantra could invoke Yerathel’s guardianship to shield you from harm.

In times of despair or when feeling pessimistic about the future, the Yoh-Reh-Tah mantra may help to dispel negativity and instil a sense of hope and positivity.

Chanting this mantra to celebrate milestones can help to reinforce confidence in your abilities.

If you are dealing with legal proceedings or situations where justice and fairness are at stake, invoking Yerathel through the mantra may guide you towards a favourable outcome and uphold a sense of integrity.

Whether you’re dealing with excessive self-doubt or overconfidence, the Yoh-Reh-Tah mantra can assist in regulating your confidence levels to ensure you have a balanced and healthy perspective of yourself and your capabilities.


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