Shieldmaiden's Creed and Prayer

The Shieldmaiden’s Creed and Prayer

Shieldmaiden's Creed and Prayer

Have you had enough of feeling frustrated, stagnant and/or fed up? Are you starting to doubt your excuses for not moving forward? Perhaps you suspect that you are capable of much more (You ARE!). It’s time to step up your game and embody your inner Shieldmaiden! What do the tough do when the going gets tough? I know you know the answer!

The Shieldmaiden’s Creed

God made me a paragon of strength
When life beats me to my knees, I rise up
Challenges hit me at full force and I rise up
Everything serves to make me stronger
Every trial helps me level up
A diamond in the rough,
I allow the pressure to transform me
Day by day, I give my all to my Big Why,
Ignoring the excuses and embracing grace –
Pressing on all the way to Glory!

Thrice I invoke the runes of power:
Tiwaz Dagaz, Tiwaz Dagaz, Tiwaz Dagaz

I AM a Spirit Warrior
and I AM invincible –
I AM light and love!

The Shieldmaiden’s Prayer

God, help me to be loyal, faithful, and true,
and to remember that is all I can do;
The rest is up to you

Tired of Being Stuck in Survival Mode?

Perhaps you had a rough start. You’re not alone. Many of us did. It’s time to stop using that as just another excuse for mediocrity or not setting goals for yourself. Be grateful for the pressure you had to endure early on in life. You’re still here so you can take that experience and turn it into one of your superpowers now.

You weren’t dumped in those circumstances for no reason. It’s all part of a bigger plan. But the plan was never for you to settle for survival mode. You are capable of so much more. Let today be the day you stop all the excuses and procrastination and begin the rest of your life! None of us know how long we’ve got. But if you can love the person looking back at you in the mirror because you know you are giving life your best, you can go in peace when the time comes.


It’s been said that ‘I AM’ are the two most powerful words in existence. So now, what are you going to put after those two words? How are you going to make this incarnation count?

Winning at life every day isn’t about beating any other opposition other than the enemy within. Shut the voice of that enemy by affirming ‘I AM (__________)’ and aim to be a bit better than the day before.


Lisa Frideborg (Shieldmaiden in training)

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