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Your Cosmic Origin Story

a portal for re-membering your cosmic origin story

Create YOUR Cosmic Origin Story

Did you know that one of the most powerful and epic things you can do in this lifetime is to write your Cosmic Origins Story (COS)? And did you know that the Dark Moon days leading up to the New Moon in Pisces this week is one of the absolute best times to do this? The reason for this is that on the New Moon in Pisces you have the opportunity to set the intention to embody your most magical and psychic Higher Self. However, this is almost impossible to do if your origin story is entirely mundane. Perhaps, in your mind, it’s all about how you grew up in the suburbs in the 80s. Your parents got a divorce when you were 14 and you had to repeat a year of school due to illness…


You are so much more than that, dear soul! You may be familiar with the concept of Starseeds. Starseeds are souls who incarnate on Earth to help humanity evolve. However, they experience at least one incarnation in another star system prior to their arrival on Earth.

Soul Name

Your Soul Name is the name your soul has the best resonance with. This is due to this being the name you answered to in the incarnation where you successfully embodied most of your Higher Self. Some Starseeds are aware of their Soul Name but far from all. The reason for this is that your Soul Name may not be from this Universe. If you have your soul origins in a different Universe, you may not vibe well enough with the known Starseed types and star systems to tune into your soul name.

You could have an Elven Soul Name name, for instance. If that happens and you realise that your home Universe isn’t this one, you usually had quite a long journey before you ended up on Earth. You may, for instance, have had your first incarnation in Lyra. This is one of the more gentle introductory star systems for souls who volunteer for an Earth mission. You may then have progressed through Arcturian and Sirian incarnations, for example.

It can be tricky, not to say impossible to learn your soul name by studying existing information about known Starseed types and star systems. You can’t access this information other than through the portal of your heart in deep re-membering. Sometimes this happens spontaneously. However, it is also possible to find your Soul Name through trance work.

Co-Creating Your Cosmic Origin Story

Your Cosmic Origin Story, like your childhood, is not set in stone. In the third dimension, the past can often seem impossible to change the past but that is simply not true. Ask a shaman if you don’t believe me! The same is true of your Cosmic Origin Story.

However, it may be easier to re-create and co-create your COS once you know the name of the hero/central character. Once you have a fix on that, you can allow your imagination to go wild. Some of you may find that the light trance induced by writing opens the channels of re-membering who you truly are. If you not, you may wish to intersperse your writing work with some meditations or trance working sessions.

Staying Grounded

Some might argue that flights of fancy of this nature can be harmful. How can you possibly stay grounded if you remember/imagine/make up past lives from millions or even billions of years ago? Just tell yourself it’s all in your imagination and you’ll be fine! 😉

But seriously, so what if it is?! Most people don’t realise how powerful the imagination is. And that, my friends is what Pisces season and this upcoming New Moon is all about–Harnessing the power of your imagination!

Though some (or even all) of what you write comes from your imagination, you are channelling archetypal information that will help you understand your inner workings and life purpose better. Additionally, once you have a heart and soul alignment with your COS, you are much better positioned for moving forward in powerful ways once Aries season hits.


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