the body is the key the star from the tarot of the holy light and logion 80

The Body is the Key

the body is the key - logion 80 from the gospel of thomas and the star tarot card

The Body is the Key

Yeshua said, “Whoever has known the world has found the body; but whoever has found the body, of them the world isn’t worthy.”

Logion 80, Gospel of Thomas

Amazingly, today’s saying from the Gospel of Thomas, Logion 80 is almost identical to Logion 56 from yesterday.

Yeshua said, “Whoever has known the world has found a corpse. Whoever has found a corpse, of them the world isn’t worthy.”

Logion 56, Gospel of Thomas

Also, rather amazingly, both sayings (randomly drawn) are accompanied by one of the two only ‘wish cards’ in the Tarot, the 9 of Cups and The Star respectively. The Star is also repeating from Monday’s reading.

The message that is coming through from Spirit (and the theme that is emerging this week) is that how well humanity does in the Age of Aquarius will depend almost entirely on how we reorient our consciousness toward our physical bodies. The body is the key.

This is extra relevant to me since I’m going through quite an extreme physical challenge right now. The 75 Hard Challenge, though designed to be a ‘mental toughness’ challenge, has a strong focus on moving the body. This signals awareness of the body being the key to breakthroughs in other areas of life. However, the design of this challenge is not complete. It lacks a spiritual dimension; It’s all war (on the self) and no grace.

The Body and Ritual

So it is up to me to add this spiritual dimension in, and I’m amazed at the support I’m getting from Spirit in my daily readings for just that–not just from the Gospel of Thomas and the Tarot but also from Inner Christianity which is one of the books I have chosen to read for the challenge. In Inner Christianity, I have just finished reading about how the carnal mind needs to be aligned through the senses in ritual.

The 75 Hard challenge creates a sort of daily ritual for the body. To make this daily ritual more of a spiritual experience, I try to train in awareness of where my mind is going. I also try to pray when I run, once I have found a steady rhythm.

Since my ‘Big Why’ for this challenge is to become a better Spirit Warrior, it is extremely important for me to avoid separation of mind-body-spirit. During past challenges I set myself, I often fell into the trap of isolating the physical side of things in a mechanical way. I did this through weighing and measuring–a ritual that did not raise my consciousness. Instead, I attached personal value to the measurements (the corpse), which is the opposite direction of where I want this challenge to take me.

And no, at the time, doing yoga didn’t help me embody my Higher Self. I had to reach a metanoia moment at a point further down the road of my awakening to realise that the body is literally just a vehicle in service of Grace. But that is why I should be taking such good care of it.

Making a Wish

If you look at The Star, you can see that the woman in the card is naked and completely oblivious to her nudity. Her singular focus is on the grace that she is pouring out into the pool of consciousness. She has a body and she looks after it but it is not her focus–it’s a means to an end. Her focus is as positive as it is singular. She is not interested in what she can ‘get away with’ (one glass of wine or two?) without damaging her health. The only thing that matters to her is that her body serves as the instrument of grace and vessel of light it was meant to be.

I want to end with a quote by Christine Payne-Taylor from the companion text to the Tarot of the Holy Light:

Because she (The Star) brings no ego-agenda, her entire body is awake to the Cosmic situation, pulsing with the cosmic alignment of our times. No part of her private self interrupts her communication and communion with the entire Creation. One cannot know where this renewal of spiritual orientation will lead, but one can at least strive to handle one’s part in the outworking of destiny with grace.

My ‘Big Why’ has come more clearly into focus now and this aligns me fully with my MC in Aquarius. I’m making a wish to do my part in the outworking of destiny with grace.

Have a blessed day, my friends!


Lisa Frideborg

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