22 Surprising Daily Tarot Intentions

22 Daily Tarot Intentions that Will Change Your Life for the Better

22 Daily Tarot Intentions

In the past, we have looked at how to use your daily tarot draw to set the intention for the day ahead. Today, I thought we would look at the 22 core tarot intentions that are built into the Major Arcana. You can choose to focus on just one, a combination of a few, or make setting all 22 part of your daily morning routine.

Setting an intention is like lighting a candle. It keeps burning throughout the day, as you get on with your work. There is no limit to how many intentions you can set, as long as you are able to remain mindful of them. The beauty of doing Tarot Healing work on a daily basis is that it is quite easy to remain mindful of the influence of the Majors.

Seeing one or more of the Major Arcana Tarot cards, as you go about your day doing readings for yourself as well as others, reaffirms the intent and acts as a powerful signal to your subconscious mind because the language of the subconscious mind is symbolic.

For each of the cards below, I have given two different tarot intentions. Feel free to go with the one that resonates the most in the moment!

You may wish to bookmark this page and revisit the tarot intentions when a Major Arcana card shows up in one of your readings, as well.

The Fool (Uranus / Air)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Fool

I intend to use the power and energy of my mind to be fully present in the NOW, moment by moment.

I intend for brilliant ideas to flow to me with great ease.

The Magician (Mercury)

The Magician

I intend to be a miracle worker.

I intend to make the below as the above, the without as the within.

The High Priestess (Moon)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The High Priestess

I intend to trust my inner guidance.

I intend to be silent and listen as much as possible.

The Empress (Venus)

The Empress

I intend to attune to Nature.

I intend to act on any creative impulses.

The Emperor (Aries)

The Emperor

I intend to attune to civilization for the purpose of creating harmony.

I intend to be mindful of any self-destructive thoughts that have their root in the voice of the inner father.

The Hierophant (Taurus)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Hierophant

I intend to act from my core values.

I intend to look at the lesson in every situation that challenges me.

The Lovers (Gemini)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Lovers

I intend to cherish contrast.

I intend to make love-based choices.

The Chariot

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Chariot

I intend to bring masculine and feminine energy into harmony.

I intend to use my willpower to move forward in alignment with the best version of me.

Strength (Leo)


I intend to be compassionate with myself and  others.

I intend to be magnanimous, especially when people test my patience.

The Hermit

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Hermit

I intend to study, read and become a little bit wiser today than I was yesterday.

I intend to shine my light in the world.

The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)

The Wheel of Fortune

I intend to expand in the direction of what lights me up.

I stay centred and poised for any opportunities that are coming my way today.

Justice (Libra)


I intend to be fair with myself as well as with others.

I intend to be discerning about the tone of my inner voice and keep it polite.

The Hanged Man (Neptune / Water)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Hanged Man

I intend to trust, surrender and waite for a new perspective to emerge any time I feel blocked or troubled.

I intend to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve my goals.

Death (Scorpio)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot Death

I intend to allow my little self to die as many times as it takes to stay aligned with Higher Will.

I intend to accept inevitable endings and release the past gracefully.

Temperance (Sagittarius)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot Temperance

I intend to be patient with myself as the process of soul alchemy unfolds.

I intend to have an optimistic vision of the future. The best is yet to come.

The Devil (Capricorn)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Devil

I intend to acknowledge temptation and make the better choice.

I intend to align myself with – and build on – my spiritual values.

The Tower (Mars)

The Tower

I intend to trust in Life even when things I consider important are taken from me.

I intend to trust that everything happens for a reason, even when I can’t see what that reason is.

The Star (Aquarius)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Star

I intend to open up to the flow of Divine grace.

I intend to inspire hope and optimism in everyone I meet today.

The Moon (Pisces)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Moon

I intend to view fear as False Evidence Appearing Real.

I intend to move through the shadows until I reach the Light.

The Sun (Sun)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The Sun

I intend to be playful and lighthearted.

I intend to feel as IF I have already achieved all the success I envision for myself.

Judgement (Pluto / Fire)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot Judgement

I intend to be a clear channel for angel communication.

I intend to keep realigning with my Higher Self.

The World (Saturn / Earth)

22 Daily Intentions Tarot The World

I intend to be a good dance partner to Life.

I intend to fully own my power and choreograph my reality to the best of my ability.

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