grimaud tarot de marseilles

Using the Tarot to set Your Daily Intention

grimaud tarot de marseilles

Our intention creates our reality.
~ Wayne Dyer

Today’s post builds on a post published just over a year ago, Deepening Your Daily Draw Practice. Setting a daily intention for the day ahead with the help of the Tarot will help you become a conscious co-creator of your destiny in the here and now.

Five reasons for setting the intention:

  • You get a clear focus for the day ahead.
  • It is a form of practicing every-day magick; it helps you develop your potential for manifesting your desires.
  • You can use this intention to further/keep on track with long-term goals.
  • If you get sidetracked or start procrastinating, you can easily get back on track by reminding yourself of the intention for the day (especially if you carry your card of the day or a copy of it with you!).
  • You choose to manifest the best outcome and express the most positive energy possible for your card of the day which makes you a transmitter and receiver of what I like to call ‘mana mojo’ aka ‘the really good stuff.’ 🙂

How to set the intention: 

  1. Take your randomly chosen card of the day and find the most positive statement/affirmation you can that relates to the energy of this card.
  2. Think about how this positive energy relates to your own life and goals.
  3. Modify the statement/affirmation if need be, to better correspond with your specific goals.
  4. Meditate on how this energy will start changing things for better in your life. Visualise clear outcomes and add as much detail as possible. Visualise the day ahead as if this desired outcome has already been realised and truly feel how it would feel.
  5. Turn the statement into a proclamation so that you are able to live the reality of this positive energy in the now.
  6. State it three times, quietly to yourself our out loud.
Let’s say that you pull the 6 of Cups as your card of the day. You are single and looking to manifest a long-term love relationship. The 6 of Cups is a card of friendship and reunion with long-lost friends, and also often seen as the ‘Soulmate Card’; this gives you an opportunity to fine-tune your soulmate transmitter.

Sample process:

  1. You settle on the statement: The soulmate I seek is seeking me.
  2. You realise that you are currently not putting much energy into the pursuit of a love relationship, nor are your other relationships particularly loving and supportive.
  3. You modify the statement into the affirmation: Today I increase my soulmate potential by practicing unconditional love in all my relationships.
  4. You allow yourself to daydream for a while about the ideal soulmate relationship and then focus on going about your day as if this is already a manifest state. You see yourself oozing unconditional love and contentment into all your relationships – even in the quick smile you share with someone in the street…
  5. You create the proclamation: I am transmitter and receiver of unconditional love and on this wavelength my true love will find me.
  6. You state this out loud three times.

Your thoughts create your reality and the Tarot can help you choose, as well as stick to, the right thoughts in the process of conscious co-creation.

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Blessed Be!


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