year ahead year review tarot spreads

Simple Year Review and Year Ahead Tarot Spreads

year review year ahead tarot spread

If you have been looking for a simple year review tarot spread and to gain insights into what lies ahead for next year, you’ve come to the right place! These two spreads use the same classic star/cross layout you see above.

Year Review Tarot Spread

  1. The main lesson I learned in 2023
  2. How I mastered this lesson (a court card could indicate help from a teacher/guide or counsellor)
  3. Shadow issue connected with this lesson
  4. What this lesson helped me move on from
  5. What this lesson is helping me embrace next on my journey of individuation

Year Ahead Aspiration Tarot Spread

  1. Main goal/aspiration for 2024 
  2. What I must do to achieve this
  3. Shadow issue that will surface as I meet the challenge
  4. What must be released for me to achieve it
  5. What new thing/energy I need to embrace to achieve it

Don’t forget to journal your readings and to check back in on the year ahead reading to stay on track!

Looking for a more advanced year ahead Tarot spread with lots and lots of cards? Check THIS out!

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