Three popular 3-card tarot spreads

Popular 3-card Tarot Spreads

Three popular 3-card tarot spreads

When you first start learning the Tarot, it’s best to practise with spreads that don’t have too many cards. You can find samples of 2-card spreads HERE and also in THIS POST. 2- and 3-card Tarot spreads are excellent for the beginner but also any time you just need a succinct answer to a clearly formulated question.

Here are three popular 3-card Tarot spreads

  1. Past-Present-Future Spread

    • Card 1: Represents the past and provides insights into the events or influences that have led to the present situation.
    • Card 2: Represents the present and offers guidance on your current circumstances or challenges.
    • Card 3: Represents the future and offers insights into the potential outcomes or resolutions that may arise.

  2. Mind-Body-Spirit Spread

    • Card 1: Represents the mind and provides insights into your thoughts, beliefs, or mental state.
    • Card 2: Represents the body and offers guidance on your physical well-being or any health-related matters.
    • Card 3: Represents the spirit and provides insights into your spiritual growth, intuition, or inner guidance.

  3. Problem-Action-Outcome Spread

    • Card 1: Represents the problem or challenge you are facing and offers insights into its nature or root causes.
    • Card 2: Represents the recommended action or approach to address the problem.
    • Card 3: Represents the potential outcome or result that may arise from taking the suggested action.

These are some of the most popular 3-card spreads but you can always modify or create your own based on your specific needs or preferences. As always, don’t forget to write down your readings or any spread ideas you come up with!

Happy Tarot reading and tarot spread creating!

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