The Archangel Uriel Tarot Spread

archangel uriel

The New Age/modern occult practices are just a revival of the ancient Gnostic deception. After my deliverance from a spirit of python, I no longer stand by what I have shared below. Only Jesus Christ saves. Only the blood of Christ has the power to heal, cleanse of us sin and drive out all wicked spirits. As of 9 January 2023, I only publish Christian content on Angelorum. I am keeping older posts to help people looking for answers in the realm of false light find Jesus.

Are you in need of clarity, spiritual wisdom and illumination? When things start to feel dark and confused, there is no better angelic ally to call on than Archangel Uriel. His name means ‘Fire/Light of God’ and he helps humanity by imparting Divine Wisdom and Revelations. The Archangel Uriel Tarot Spread below will help you harness the guidance of this beautiful Angel of the Ruby Ray.

The symbols associated with Archangel Uriel are a book (or scroll) for Divine Wisdom and a flame from the palm of the hand, signifying the illuminating power of the Light of Truth. The flame in the palm of the hand can also be associated with healing power. When healing light flows into the body, it helps the body elemental clear stuck energy that stems from emotional confusion. In one system of Angel Reiki, Archangel Uriel corresponds with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, the distance symbol. The HSZSN symbol helps us transcend the illusion of the time-space continuum so that we can heal on every level and in every direction of space and time.

Though the primary colour associated with Uriel is Ruby Red, he is also associated with the colours gold and purple. Uriel rules the cardinal direction of North and the Element of Earth. Thus he helps ground Divine Light, Truth and Wisdom onto the Earth plane through those of us who connect with him.

In the Catholic tradition, Uriel is the patron of the Sacrament of Confirmation. He is universally known in the Christian tradition as having the ability to strengthen people’s faith through the gift of prophecy. Some also consider Uriel as the patron of psychics. The clair ruled by Uriel is claircognisance.

The Archangel Uriel Tarot Spread

archangel uriel tarot spread
  1. Area of life in need of clarity (may or may not be the one you expected!)
  2. New perspective needed in this area of your life
  3. Action to take to strengthen your faith
  4. Action to take to become more grounded and balanced
  5. How your life will be illuminated thanks to following this guidance
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