beltane fire tarot spread

Beltane Tarot Spread

beltane tarot spread

I created the Beltane Tarot Spread below many years ago and realised I had unpublished it for some reason, possibly with the intent of editing it at some stage. I’m leaving the old Picmonkey Beltane Tarot Spread graphic in the post below but adding a new Canva graphic of the spread above. That way, you get to choose which one you save and print. How good am I?!

It’s Beltane! Don’t worry if you don’t feel much like working at the moment… or if you feel full of mischief. Beltane is a time for faeries and those who know how to play with them. It’s a time of passion, sensuality and explosive growth. The Beltane fires burn away the old and any sinister forces still lurking in the shadows as the summer half of the year ends. These fires keep us safe and signal readiness for summer, the next big creative adventure and/or an invitation for fun and frolics. 

I created the spread below for those of you who are ready to integrate the energy of Beltane fully and make the most of the cosmic juju, either today or tomorrow depending on when you feel most comfortable celebrating. 

1. What wants to grow?

This will show you which area of your life would most benefit from the cosmic Beltane juju right now. Make a wish that relates to this. Find a symbolic representation of this wish and bury it in a plant pot with a fresh seed of a flower that you feel carries the right vibe. As the flower starts growing, so will what you wish to manifest.

2. What will inspire growth?

Read this card together with the first card and use common sense. This is not so much about what you need to do but about what you need to be mindful of. Create a positive affirmation based on this card.

3. What is dying off?

This is something that is no longer beneficial to you. Add more fuel to the fire and watch it burn. Think of this as the emotional equivalent of the tatty old winter coat that you wore one season too many. If the card triggers something in your awareness, write it down on a piece of paper and burn the paper in your fire/candle flame.

4. How to protect new life

This card will show you what you need to do or be mindful of in order to keep your wish/creative endeavour safe from negative impact and anyone who wishes to thwart you.

5. Available resources

Here you will find something (or someone, in the case of court cards appearing) that you can turn to for assistance as you begin moving forward on the path of manifestation. Add a reminder note of this to your phone and ask for the faeries to bless your phone with only helpful calls and messages.

6. How to use the new gift

This will show you how you can use what you are manifesting for the Highest Good of All and in service to the Light. You may wish to ask the Faery Queen to bless you as you vow to do your best to make this happen. But, remember, if you receive her blessing, you will be expected to leave a gift for the Fae in return!

love raven liora

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