10 Signs That You Are on a Faery Path + Tarot Spread

10 Signs Faery Path

Do you love fairies (or the fae/faeries)? There could be a deeper reason for that! Some of you were born into this world with a strong connection with the faery realm because you are meant to work with the faeries to help Mother Earth and her inhabitants. If you answer ‘yes’ for most of the questions below, you are almost certainly one of the chosen few!

10 Signs that You are on a Faery Path

1. You have always been drawn to liminal times and places such as dusk, dawn, mist, graveyards, leylines etc

2. Animals have affinity for you and often approach you in the wild

3. Young children have an affinity for you and you love to play with them

4. Supernatural events have occurred your whole life, as far back as you can remember

5. As a child you had an invisible friend

6. You are artistic and are able to ‘lose yourself’ in artistic endeavours

7. You sometimes find yourself in a time warp, losing or gaining time

8. You see quickly darting glimmers of light out of the corners of your eyes

9. You love spending time in the wild, hugging trees, dancing in a meadow etc

10. You have deep concern for the environment

The Faery Star Tarot Spread

So you’re on a Faery Path, eh? 😀 Find out what the Fae themselves have to say about it with the Tarot spread below!

The 7-pointed Faery Star Tarot spread is illustrated with a layout of Emily Carding‘s Tarot of the Sidhe which is perfect for a Faery Path Tarot reading. Each position in the spread represents one of the seven ancient Planets in classical astrology.



Moon – Intuition/Wisdom: Maker Two (2 of Pentacles, Jupiter in Capricorn) tells me that on the Faery Path, it will be easier for me to ground my esoteric wisdom into practical reality. A feeling of stewardship and belonging will result from their guidance.

Mars – Drive/Ambition: Dancer Queen (Queen of Cups, Water of Water) makes me laugh. The Fae have no affinity for the Martian agenda and abhor iron, the corresponding metal. Water corrodes iron… makes it rust. “Let your love be your only ambition!,” they seem to whisper…

Mercury – Communication: The Dancer of Water (Ace of Cups, Root of the Powers of Water) brings me another message about living from the heart and to rather be silent than to speak unless the words I speak give birth to more love.

Jupiter – Good luck/Expansion: The Maker Four (4 of Pentacles, Sun in Capricorn) tells me that it’s lucky for me to be on a third decan (4 of Pentacles) Sun Sign Path in this incarnation. I’m on the right path, hallelujah! This card also indicates that the Fae will have a grounding influence on me. I know that must sound strange given how we talk about people “being away with the faeries”… The thing is, if you’re on a Faery Path, you’re kind lost without them!

Venus – Beauty/Romance: The Maker Seven (7 of Pentacles, Saturn in Taurus)… Well, lessons in patience and endurance have come my way aplenty already in love and romance and maybe there are more ahead. But what hasn’t killed me has certainly made me stronger and I’m not afraid. This card has the keywords ‘Effort Sustained’ on it… I like it! I want to keep working in the Venusian realm for as long as I live!

Saturn – Overcoming Restrictions/Limitations: The Empress (Venus) shows me that a creative solution will always be made available when I stay true to my Soul Sign Empress Path. Many of the trials I have had to endure so far have been in the Venusian domain and I’m stronger for it, as well as better equipped to guide others who are feeling limited in love & romance.

Sun – Vitality & Success: Dancer Prince (Knight of Cups, Air of Water) is a sure sign that my Faery helpers will happily inspire any creative and artistic endeavours, and that my work with romance & relationships is favoured by the Fae.

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Beautiful post on the fairy path. It’s all making sense now 🙂 My god-daughter last week decided to start calling me her daughter’s fairy Godmother. And then this post today about the fairy path – there are no accidents 🙂

    1. Post
  2. Ah, well that makes sense seeing that I'm just beginning to break in as a screenwriter! And thank you for the references!

  3. Expansion in the area of glamour such as the make-believe world of film with Moon in Aquarius.

    Get a Thoth deck if you are serious about learning correspondences, Manda. It's got all the astrological symbols on it. The Rosetta Tarot is another great choice (get the companion book too!) or the Tarot of the Vampyres by Ian Daniels (for the companion book as much as the art). The best book to get would probably be The Tarot Decoded by Liz Hazel.

  4. So for Jupiter I drew the 7 of Swords. What might that mean? Also, can you recommend any good sources to help me learn the astrological correspondences to the cards?

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