capricorn new moon tarot spread

Capricorn New Moon Tarot Spread

capricorn new moon tarot spread

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

Carlos Castaneda

Capricorn New Moon Mojo

The Capricorn New Moon is supposedly a great time for focusing on goal-setting and what we wish to achieve in the Year Ahead. I’m saying ‘supposedly’ because I’m writing this in 2021, during the third UK lockdown. Motivation levels are not at an all-time high for many of us at the moment (classic Cappy understatement).

So I thought I would try and help by creating a Tarot spread that takes this into account and also one that doesn’t try to bite off the whole year but instead focuses on the period between now and the next new New Moon, which falls on 11 February in 2021.

I’m actually a Capricorn myself so if I’m not feeling the usual Capricorn New Moon mojo, I can only imagine what it might be like for those Zodiac natives who aren’t BFFs with Capricorn energy, to begin with.

Sample Reading

capricorn new moon sample tarot reading with the golden tarot of the tsar

1. What I should aspire to this Capricorn New Moon

The Moon: Allowing myself to roll with my natural cycles and not berate myself for feeling tired/drained. Face my fears and dive deep into my psyche. Dreamwork. Check for self-deception and ask God for clarity/guidance. Be aware that the great deception all around me will prevail and possibly intensify during this lunar cycle.

2. My levels of motivation

Strength: This surprised me as I’m feeling rather low on motivation. However, my motivation to build resilience through my faith is actually quite strong. After writing about The Moon, I realise I do have great motivation to achieve these specific goals which are not traditional Capricorn goals but which resonate with my Moon in Pisces. Also, with the first five cards being from the Major Arcana, I really do have to just roll with what is happening now and focus on the only thing I can control, i.e. my inner being.

3. The skills that are most helpful in achieving my aspirations

The Lovers: to keep choosing love. Perhaps memorising 1 Cor 1:13 will help. Going deeper into my relationship with the Beloved.

4. The underlying cause of motivation or lack thereof

The Tower: Well, duh! Everything is so messed up right now that the inner compass is taking a while to adjust. I want to be of service for the Highest Good but I really don’t know how or where to direct my energy now that the world as we know it has ceased to be. Thank God for the Tarot cards that are pointing me to go deeper with inner work this month and not to worry about worldly ambition right now!

5. How to hone my skills

The Empress: Putting myself in a state of creative flow will help me unlock my inspiration and imagination so that I can bring what is needed into the world. This is permission to do more of what I love and to worry less. I can allow myself to flow with my ‘pregnancy’ and not force anything into the world before its time.

6. What acting on my inspiration will help me move on from

King of Cups: Here we have the first Minor Arcana card, Fire of Water, the Piscean King. I have wasted my emotions and imagination on whatever showed up in my social media feed (the Rx expression of this King). I allowed myself to get pulled into the stream of the Beast. I’m getting ready to move on from this with some tweaks to my spiritual practice and being more disciplined with my time. Most importantly, I’m hoping to move on from a need to ‘fix’ my feelings – that’s not what this is about; it’s about centring myself in full acceptance of what is.

7. What achievement is possible during this lunar cycle

3 of Cups: With The Moon (Water/Pisces) as the central card and the flanking cards being from the Suit of Cups (Water), it’s clear that my aspirations should be directed toward emotional healing. Thankfully, a happier time awaits if I do undertake this work, as promised by the 3 of Cups.


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Deck used for the sample reading: Golden Tarot of the Tsar (affiliate link)


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