creating a metaphysical community

Creating Community (with Tarot Spread)

creating a metaphysical community

One of the biggest challenges humanity faces as we get more and more ‘connected’ online is breaking isolation and creating community in real life. Facebook claims to make us all more connected when really it is doing just the opposite. Like so many social media platforms, Facebook contributes more to division and isolation than to connection. I won’t even go there about their ‘fact checking’ and making themselves the moral police of the ‘connected’ empire they patrol 24/7.

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All I’m going to say is that I’m sorry I spent 20 years on that platform and way too much time online in general. Because I’m starting to awaken to the importance of forming real life connections. It’s not that I didn’t see it as important before; It’s that I was too traumatised and busy healing to be able to do much about it. Now that I’m rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and looking around, I’m wondering what my role in it all will be.

Maybe, like me, you live in a part of your country where there aren’t any metaphysical meet-ups. Maybe you feel like it’s up to you to start one but you’re too full of self-doubt to organise anything. Hopefully, the Tarot will bring us some clarity with the spread below. But before doing a reading on this, let’s break things down and look at how we might set something up.

Organising a Local Metaphysical/Tarot Meet-Up

1. Define the Purpose and Goals

Before starting, clarify the purpose of your meet-up. Are you focusing on meditation, Tarot reading, astrology, or general metaphysical discussion? Setting clear goals will help attract like-minded individuals and maintain the meet-up’s direction.

2. Find a Venue

Choose a location that is accessible and comfortable for group discussions. Consider local community centers, libraries, cafes, or even a quiet park depending on the size of your group and the nature of your activities.

3. Set a Regular Schedule

Consistency is key. Decide on a regular meeting schedule, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This helps members plan ahead and creates a routine.

4. Promote Your Meet-Up

Use multiple channels to spread the word:

  • Social Media: Create on platforms tailored for community building.
  • Flyers: Distribute flyers in local metaphysical shops, bookstores, and coffee shops.
  • Word of Mouth: Encourage members to invite friends and family who might be interested.

5. Plan the Agenda

Structure your meetings to include:

  • Introductions: Start with a brief introduction round to make everyone feel welcome.
  • Main Activity: This could be a meditation session, a Tarot reading exchange, or a discussion on a specific metaphysical topic.
  • Open Forum: Allow time for open discussion where members can share experiences and ask questions.
  • Closing: End with a summary of what was discussed and a plan for the next meet-up.

6. Create a Welcoming Environment

Ensure newcomers feel welcome and comfortable by creating and maintaining an inclusive atmosphere. Consider having a dedicated person to greet first-time attendees.

7. Gather Feedback

After each meeting, ask participants for feedback. This can be done informally or via an anonymous survey. Use the feedback to improve future meet-ups.

8. Build Community Beyond Meetings

Encourage interactions outside regular meet-ups through:

  • Online Groups: Create a private group on your favourite social media platform.
  • Workshops and Events: Occasionally organise workshops, guest speaker events, or field trips to local metaphysical stores or fairs.

Reading the list I just created, I have to admit that I feel dejected at this stage. I’m not a community/events organiser. I’ll happily geek out about any metaphysical topic and teach it to anyone who will listen but the practical logistics… Ugh! So let’s see if there is a way forward or if I will have to wait around for someone else to take the initiative where I live…

Creating Community Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread is for individuals contemplating the creation of a local metaphysical meet-up group. It aims to provide insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and the potential timing for their initiative.

Creating Community a 6-card Tarot spread for setting up a tarot or metaphysical meet-up group

Card Positions:

  1. Purpose & Goals: This card reveals the overarching purpose and goal you have for the meet-up.
  2. Strength in Community Building: This card highlights a strength you possess that will aid you in fostering community.
  3. Weakness in Community Building: This card uncovers a potential weakness that might obstruct your community-building efforts.
  4. Finding the Right Venue: This card offers guidance on where and how to find the ideal location for your meetings.
  5. Promoting the Meet-Up: This card suggests effective strategies for promoting the meet-up and attracting participants.
  6. Current Readiness: This card answers the crucial question of whether now is the right time to initiate the meet-up or if it might be better to wait. (Optional: Pull an additional card for timing.)

Use this spread to gain clarity and confidence as you embark on the journey of creating a local metaphysical meet-up group.

Creating Community Sample Tarot Reading

1. Purpose & Goals: 2 of Swords/Feathers

The 2 of Swords suggests your primary aim is to find balance and harmony within the community. This card indicates a desire to bring divergent perspectives together and create a peaceful environment. However, it also hints at some indecision or hesitation, which should be addressed to clarify your true objectives.

2. Strength in Community Building: 3 of Pentacles/Grains

The 3 of Pentacles highlights your strength in teamwork and collaboration. You have a natural ability to work well with others and understand the importance of each member’s contributions. This card signifies that your keen sense of cooperation will be a major asset in building a strong, cohesive community.

3. Weakness in Community Building: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man points to a potential area of weakness — a tendency to feel stuck or unable to move forward. This card suggests that a change in perspective or a release of old habits may be necessary to progress in your community-building efforts. Embrace new ways of thinking and be open to different approaches.

4. Finding the Right Venue: Four of Swords/Feathers

The 4 of Swords indicates that the ideal location for your meet-up should be a place of peace and rest. Consider venues that provide a tranquil atmosphere, such as a quiet library room or a serene outdoor setting. This will help attendees feel relaxed and open to engaging with one another.

5. Promoting the Meet-Up: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords emphasises the importance of clear communication and strategic planning in promoting your meet-up. Use your sharp intellect and articulate abilities to effectively convey the vision and purpose of the group. Leverage social media and online platforms with transparency and purpose to attract like-minded individuals.

6. Current Readiness: 4 of Pentacles

The 4 of Pentacles suggests that you may be approaching this endeavor with caution, possibly holding onto your resources or ideas too tightly. This card advises you to assess whether you are ready to invest your energy and resources openly to start the meet-up. If you experience hesitation, it might be wise to take additional time for preparation.


Considering the fact that my Shadow card is The Hanged Man and that I’m also in a Hanged Man Year in 2024, I strongly feel that my weaknesses currently outweigh my strengths. I don’t feel ready and seeing this in the cards has put my mind at ease. Maybe next year. My focus, for now, with the 4 of Pentacles and the Hanged Man, needs to be internal and focused on generating stability. But at least this got my cogs turning…

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