Hariel Angel of Purification Hah-Reh-Yoh

15. Hariel Angel of Purification and the 9 of Swords

Hariel Angel of Purification Hah-Reh-Yoh

The 15th Guardian Angel is Hariel and he is the Shem HaMemphorash whose name means ‘The Comforting God’ or ‘Saviour God’ and who is Known as the Angel of of Purification. His name sounds like Hah-Reh-Yoh. Hariel has masculine energy. He corresponds with the Element of Air. His primary gifts are purification, faith and liberation.

Scan the Hebrew letters below from right to left to connect with the energy of Hariel any time you need to clear your mind and find discernment. You can find more information about working with the Shem Angels via the Hebrew letters in the book 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise.

Hariel belongs to the Angelic Choir of Cherubim (Chokhmah), ruled by Raziel. The Planetary correspondences are Uranus and Mercury. Hariel deepens our understanding of Cosmic Law, purifies us of toxic behaviours and inspires us to stay faithful to your calling. Hariel’s crystal is amethyst and the corresponding colours are yellow and red. He rules over the gift of light language.

Hariel is the Guardian Angel of those born between 1 and 5 June.

Hariel rules the time between 4:40 and 5:00 AM.

1-5 June is the first five days of the second decan (ten days) of Gemini. The corresponding Tarot card is the 9 of Swords (Mars in Gemini). Hekamiah is the ruler of the second quinance (five days) of the second decan of Gemini.

Hariel’s secondary rulership covers 23 January, 4 April, 18 June, 1 September and 13 November.

Your Three Guardian Angels

According to Kabbalistic lore, we are each given three Guardian Angels at birth. Primary rulership determines the physical and external material aspects of the person born within that date range. Secondary rulership determines the emotional characteristics and challenges a person may face. Finally, the time of day determines the person’s intellectual capability.

Use this calculator to find your three Birth Angels.

Calling on the Shem Angels

You can invoke any of the 72 Shem Angels that best fit your needs or desires through prayer, scanning the Hebrew letters, mantra chanting or using the corresponding Psalm.

Hariel and the 9 of Swords

Hariel, the 15th Shem Hamephorash, can greatly assist us in working with the challenging lessons associated with the 9 of Swords. This card represents worry, anxiety, and mental anguish. It often carries a heavy, almost soul-crushing emotional weight. However, Hariel’s presence brings comfort, purification, and liberation.

When we connect with the energy of Hariel, we can lean on his gifts of purification, faith, and discernment. Hariel encourages us to find clarity amidst the chaos. He aids us in purifying toxic thoughts and behaviours, allowing us to let go of negative patterns that contribute to our mental distress. For instance, he can help us go to bed on time if we are in the habit of staying up all hours scrolling.

Hariel also inspires us to stay faithful to our calling, even in moments of doubt and fear. He deepens our understanding of the bigger picture and helps us see beyond our immediate worries. Through Hariel’s guidance, we gain a sense of perspective and realise that challenges are growth opportunities.

Additionally, Hariel ignites innovation and new ways of thinking, providing fresh perspectives and insights that help us navigate difficult situations.

By invoking Hariel during times of despair, we can more easily detect limiting beliefs that hold us back instead of identifying with those beliefs. With his assistance, we recognise the futility of worrying about things and remember our true essence.

Overall, Hariel’s connection with the 9 of Swords reminds us that we have the power to transcend our fears and anxieties.

Psalm to Invoke Hariel

“But the Lord has become my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge.”
Psalm 94:22

Situations Hariel Can Help With

  • A return to innocence
  • Moral purity
  • Perfectionism
  • Inability to see the bigger picture
  • Connection with Higher Self
  • Discernment about foods and other substances that are toxic to our bodies
  • Discernment regarding false people and intentions
  • Clarity in the realm of ideas and subtle thoughts
  • Genuine spirituality that allows you to differentiate between your true Self and little self
  • Clairvoyance
  • Puritanical and dogmatic tendencies
  • Innovation/new ways of doing things
  • Addictions (especially to consciousness-altering substances) and bad habits
  • Inspiration for artists and scientists
  • Feeling paralysed and unable to take action
  • Separatism and fanaticism
  • Resentment

Chant the Heh-Reh-Yoh Mantra To…

…if you feel stuck in any area of your life and unable to move forward or if you are in need of purification.

Chanting the Heh-Reh-Yoh mantra can help you get your spiritual practice back on track as well as feel truly excited about it if you have been apathetic. It helps you be more receptive to the mercy of the divine in general.

This is a great mantra to chant to rid yourself of addiction to any form of consciousness-altering substance. It also works on negative thoughts that you are addicted to.

Chanting Heh-Reh-Yoh reminds you of the pure and innocent nature of your soul and helps you let go of resentment and self-judgment. Hariel especially helps those who are overly critical of themselves due to abandonment issues.


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