crown thyself tarot spread for self-empowerment and leadership

Crown Thyself Tarot Spread for Spirit Warriors

crown thyself tarot spread for leadership and self-empowerment

Though today’s Crown Thyself Tarot Spread was indeed inspired by the recent coronation here in the UK, I feel it needs a preamble.

My Swedish grandmothers were into the whole royalty thing. Personally, I never got it. I don’t understand the bowing and scraping to supposed superiors. None of these people did anything to deserve the great wealth and position of power they have. They were born into it. And they were born into it on the back of their ancestors oppressing poor people.

We all know by now that it is the victors who write our history. And even with that in mind, the victors have not bothered hiding the fact that they rose to power by being cruel and controlling.

So what is it people are celebrating? Nope. I will never get it. All I see is Stockholm syndrome and Matrix programming.

Who Is the Crown Thyself Tarot Spread For?

So the Crown Thyself Tarot Spread is not for those who feel entitled or who won’t hesitate to use power over others for personal gain. It is for the Spirit Warrior underdogs. Those of us who know we are here to serve for the Highest Good of humanity but who do not always feel strong or powerful enough to put our best foot forward. I created this Tarot spread to remind us that we are a Royal Priesthood. A Royal Priesthood has power and agency in both Heaven and Earth.

For many of us, the disempowerment process started early and definitely for those of us who grow up with childhood trauma. Childhood trauma affects the lower chakras and in particular the third chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra. The third chakra is the seat of personal power. The planetary correspondence is the Sun.

Third Chakra Archetypes

I actually feel that many of us came into this world to master and teach lessons about personal power. If we look again at the third chakra, we see two archetypes here. The Warrior is the positive archetype and the Servant is the negative archetype.

This doesn’t mean that you automatically disempower yourself by serving others. We know this because of the examples of great Saints and Spiritual Masters. The shadow looks like constantly placing oneself in a position of servility and not owning one’s power.

On a practical level, this can look like not charging or not charging enough for your services. Or allowing your batteries to constantly run dry while you look after everyone else. You may also lack self-worth and boundaries in other ways.

Flipping the Script

So by doing the Crown Thyself Tarot Spread, you are actively flipping the script and shifting old programming. This is pure magic if you engage fully.

I suggest you do this Tarot Spread on a day when you already feel powerful in the sense that you are in control of yourself and your immediate domain. This is not a great spread to try if you are feeling totally down in the dumps. If you feel very negative, you need to at least shift your self-talk before you sit down with the Tarot to do the Crowy Thyself spread. Maybe do a guided meditation for self-empowerment first. Or try some EFT tapping.

The Crown Thyself Tarot Spread

the crown thyself tarot spread
  1. Your superpower
  2. Your mission
  3. Your greatest achievement
  4. Why you lead instead of follow
  5. What you are here to teach
  6. Your closest ally
  7. Your next victory
  8. Your legacy
love raven liora

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