the tarot and the matrix

The Matrix and the Tarot

the matrix and the tarot

What is becoming increasingly apparent to many people now is that we are living inside a simulation or hologram. This is something that I have been aware of since I had an out-of-body experience at age 5 or 6. Angels lifted me out of my physical body, out of the hologram. These non-corporeal beings that facilitated the OBE showed me ‘behind the scenes.’

Even with this advantage of knowing about simulated reality from a very young age, I often forget. My moment of enlightenment happened when I was too young to turn it into a philosophy of life. And maybe that is exactly why it happened then rather than later. It was a real and raw experience that I could not manipulate with any programming for many years to come. It just stayed with me as a sleeper program alongside the regular Matrix programming for many years.

Later, in my late teens, I did try to make it fit with the regular programming. But it didn’t fit with ‘reality’ and people didn’t understand what I described to them. And when I lapsed into religious programming, I even used that programming to turn the event into demonic deception. Wow. Just goes to prove what programming can do! Making it fit with a more acceptable program seemed easier than having to deal with being so alone in understanding the true nature of things. And perhaps that is one of the reasons my OBE wasn’t able to keep me from relapsing into religious programming.

Elon Is Wrong

This morning I was listening to a snippet of an interview with Elon Musk. In this video, Elon posits that the basic reality behind our current simulation must be dull by comparison. He couldn’t be further from the truth!

And it makes me realise that Elon has yet to experience his first moment of transcending the Matrix. Sadly, he strives to do this by creating ever-more advanced simulations himself, instead of surrendering to what IS.

Because if you meditate, or if you have had an OBE or NDE, you know that what lies beyond the hologram is extraordinary and totally magical. It may not be as filled with fear and drama as Earth School but it has all the Elements of Creation. Many of these elements we cannot experience in this density due to the limitations of our five senses. And the time-space limitation makes us feel disconnected from the All. Not so on the other side. The sense of limitlessness combined with connection is pure bliss.

The Matrix and the Tarot

If the Matrix is a programmable simulation, then Astrology is the esoteric science we need to look to for understanding that programming. But the cheat codes are in the Tarot and other oracles with Astrological correspondences.

That said, the cheat codes are hidden and they are not about ‘fortune-telling.‘ There are layers of veils covering the true meaning of the Tarot cards. The first veil is the veil of ‘evil.’ By labelling oracles evil and the Bible good, the church and state together were able to shape the world for two thousand years.

Another veil is that the cards are so heavily associated with fortune-telling. The true power of the cards lies in their ability to help us quantum leap between timeliness. If we don’t like the trajectory we are on, the Tarot provides us with a navigation tool for how to best change that trajectory.

A Great Awakening

The old programming is rapidly changing now. More and more people are piercing the veils of deception and occultation. Quantum physics is emerging to help us better understand the illusion of the time-space continuum.

And we are gaining a new perspective on religions and their prophecies thanks to this. For instance, in spite of the Bible being heavily edited, decimated and put back together to fit the agenda of the dying powers, there is still enough sacred code in there to be useful. I’m thinking of the extreme decoding power of someone like Neville Goddard, for example.

Then we have the ACIM and other channelled texts. Additionally, many of the Gnostic texts resurfaced in the past 70 years, after being hidden for nearly 2,000 years. Actually, all of these events are helping make even more sense of the Tarot Major Arcana and The Fool’s Journey. It makes sense that a game of cards would explain the game of life.

The Tarot and the Angels

As my understanding of the above subjects grows, I’m also gaining more insights into the true nature of the Angels and how to work with them. The church tried to scare us away from accessing angelic assistance on our own for very much the same reasons it warded us off anything labelled ‘occult’ (by them), such as the Tarot.

The Tarot most certainly is not evil or ‘Satanic’ as the church would have us believe. The truth is that neither the Tarot nor the Angels belong to a specific culture, religion or belief system. It is my belief that humanity created the Tarot cards with help/inspiration from the Angels. This is the same guiding principle that has allowed for many beneficial innovations and healing systems to emerge seemingly miraculously in this 3D hologram.

What the Angels want humanity to understand is that it is our faith that heals us. And that is also what Angelic Christed humans teach. The Tarot allows us to navigate by faith for the Highest Good. Angelic Tarot points us in the direction of transcendence, liberation and wholeness.


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