goddess eir healing tarot spread

The Goddess EIR Healing Tarot Spread

A Focus on Healing in the Year Ahead

Happy New Year, my friends! We are officially on the flip side of 2021… Yay!

My focus word for 2022 is healing. As some of you know, since Samhain (the Witches’ New Year), I have dedicated my spiritual quest to learn more about the Norse faith of my ancestors. Combining my healing focus with interest in Norse history and mythology brings me to the Norse Goddess of Healing, Eir.

This morning, I was meditating on the name of the Goddess Eir. I started seeing her name as a threefold anagram for all the qualities needed to bring about healing, especially when we suffer from chronic ailments. From this vision, the Tarot spread you see below was born.

The EIR Healing Tarot Spread

  1. Energy – The first step on the healing journey is about understanding that everything is energy, including our physical bodies. The card in this position shows you what you need to know about any energetic blocks preventing you from healing or using your healing gift.
  2. Integrity – Integrity is another word for wholeness. When we act without virtue or allow others to invade our boundaries, we allow pieces of our soul to split off. The card in this position shows any fragments we need to retrieve to be whole.
  3. Reorientation – When we are ill or blocked from accessing healing energy, it is because our focus is on things that steal our energy from our healing quest or journey. The card in this position shows us what we need to turn away from now.
  4. Empathy – Empathy with ourselves and others is a must for healing energy to flow. The card in this position shows you how to love yourself and/or others better.
  5. Intuition – When we are engaged in habits that contribute to chronic illness or blocks to our chi, it is often because we are not able to intuit better ways. The card in this position shows you where you need to tap into your intuitive, inner knowing so that you can engage in better behaviour patterns and habits.
  6. Reconciliation – Healing is very much about forgiveness. Often, the person we have the most difficulty forgiving is ourselves. The card in this position shows where or why forgiveness is needed.
  7. Ecstasy – Nothing aligns our energy or helps us embody our Higher Selves quicker or more effectively than opening up to the pure flow of healing from Source. It is no joke that this is a truly ecstatic feeling. The card in this position shows what belief you have to shift/release to open up to receiving this energy straight from Source through your crown chakra and into your bod.
  8. Innovation – Stagnation is a vitality killer. This card shows you what new energy, action or presence is needed in your life so that you can blossom.
  9. Revitalisation – Revitalisation is about restoring your energy to its natural blueprint, minus the blockages and disruptions that are blocking your chi. The card in this position shows you what action you need to take to be fully revitalised.

Reading the 9-Square

If you are familiar with the 9-Square Tarot spread, you may already know this so feel free to skip straight to your reading. Other than reading the cards individually, according to their positions, you can also read each row, column, and diagonal intuitively. If you read Lenormand cards, you may also wish to try Knighting.

This is one of my favourite intuitive Tarot spreads and you will most likely find many layers of meaning when you allow the energy of the cards to flow in different directions.

Naturally, you can use this layout with oracle cards or runes, just as well as with Tarot cards. You may even wish to combine the Tarot cards with runes and/or Lenormand cards. Or why not try combining the cards or runes with a pendulum reading to dive deeper?

This is the kind of Tarot spread you will want to spend some time with. And for goodness sake, don’t forget to write your reading down in your Tarot journal or Book of Shadows!


Lisa Frideborg

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