aquarius full moon tarot spread

Aquarius Full Moon Tarot Spread

aquarius full moon tarot spread

Before I share the Aquarius Full Moon Tarot Spread, I thought I’d share some ideas about how to make the most of the Full Moon in Aquarius

  1. Set your intentions: Just like every Full Moon, the Full Moon in Aquarius is a potent time for manifesting your desires. Take some time to reflect on what you want to bring into your life. Write down your intentions and visualise them coming to fruition.
  2. Embrace your individuality: Aquarius is known for its unique and unconventional nature. During this Full Moon, celebrate your own individuality. Embrace your quirks and explore your passions.
  3. Connect with your community: Aquarius is a sign that values connection and unity. Engage in meaningful conversations, share ideas, and collaborate on projects that promote positive change.
  4. Expand your perspective: Aquarius is an air sign known for its intellectual and expansive nature. Take this opportunity to broaden your horizons by exploring new ideas, philosophies, or cultures. Engage in learning activities, read books, or enrol in a course that challenges your current perspective.
  5. Practice detachment: Use this Full Moon to cultivate a sense of detachment from negative emotions or attachments that no longer serve you. Practice observing your thoughts and emotions without judgement.
  6. Be of service: Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, and during this Full Moon, focus on how you can be of service to others. Find ways to contribute to your community or engage in acts of kindness and compassion. Use your unique talents and skills to make a positive impact.
  7. Express your authentic self: Allow the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius to inspire you to express your authentic self. Break free from societal expectations or limitations. Let your true self shine and let your light guide others like the Star you truly are.

The Tarot Star Card and Aquarius

The Tarot card corresponding with Aquarius is The Star. This card is all about hope and grace. It inspires us to become channels of Divine grace on Earth. Aquarius and The Star also connect us with our Star Family. In the Star card, you can see the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. A way to sum up the energy of The Star is ‘detached compassion.’

The Aquarius Full Moon Tarot Spread

  1. How I can best serve humanity
  2. What I need to know about becoming a channel for God’s grace
  3. A personality quirk I need to curb or purge
  4. What quirk of mine is actually a strength?
  5. What is my role when it comes to creating unity?
  6. How can I best help humanity be free?
  7. What is my role when it comes to creating equality?

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