Full Moon in Cancer 2018 Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Cancer with Tarot Spread

The Full Moon in Cancer happens on 27 December in 2023. It’s the last Full Moon of the year so it presents a wonderful opportunity to release what we do not wish to carry with us into 2024.

Cancer is a sensitive Water sign, ruled by the Moon. Don’t be surprised if you have been feeling extra emotional or even tearful in the days leading up to this Full Moon. This influence can also linger for a couple of days after the Full Moon. Make sure to honour your emotions. What is being released now is anything that we thought made us feel safe but turned out to be a mirage. However, for some, this lunation brings a real sense of completion and arriving at what truly makes us feel safe from within.

Slow down and use the next few days to make room for your soul to catch up with your mind and body. Sleep more if you need to. Tune into your inner wisdom and pay close heed to your dream messages. Meditate or take a relaxing bath. Walk down by the river or visit the seaside.

The keywords for this lunation are: healing, integration, security, release, intuition, mother, home, family and nurturing

A Full Moon Homecoming

The Full Moon in Cancer is about coming home to the most grounded and stable version of ourselves. This is the version that knows what it needs to feel safe. During this lunation, we have the opportunity to create a firm emotional foundation for the year ahead.

In emotional and intuitive Cancer, it is not about creating the vision for next year. (The vision was born during the most recent New Moon in Sagittarius.) It’s more about allowing our feelings to catch up. This is where we take stock of the things we need in our lives to feel safe here and now, as well as of what we can safely release.

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Cancer Full Moon Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread

1-4. Four love letters from your heart about events in the past 12 months that need to be integrated. Read these cards intuitively – Allow a story to unfold.
5-7. What do these events teach you about creating a sense of security and stability for yourself? Again, read intuitively and relate these three cards to the four cards above. This continues the story in the most positive direction possible in terms of learning, emotional integration and personal growth.
8. Personal strength – A character trait or driving motivation that helps you move forward.
9. Divine grace – Outside help or charism (spiritual gift).
10. The main thing to release now, preparing for new growth in the year ahead. A longstanding pattern, relationship, thing or habit that you can release on this Full Moon.

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