The Gaia Games (with Tarot Spread)

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Whatever you perceive your life purpose to be, it can be helpful at times to look at your current incarnation as a virtual reality game. For all we know, it may even be true! (During my childhood OBE, I learned that the Earth matrix is a hologram.) The Gaia Games aren’t as grim as the Hunger Games but sometimes it feels as if they are. The main problem with the Gaia Games is that we are not handed a manual at the start. However, there is a manual and even a cheats guide. It is possible to level up and beat the system. To help you do both, I created the Gaia Games Tarot Spread.

Check out this classic free audiobook by Ernest Holmes from 1918 for a manual. Alternatively, (re-)visit A Course in Miracles or Conversations with God. My personal favourite is One Mind by Larry Dossey. The reason for my choice of favourite is precisely that it isn’t a manual per se. It’s more of a description of what is (the All/One Mind) and how it behaves in lots of different scenarios. Many of those scenarios I have experienced for myself. So I guess you could see these as ‘cheats’ if you are willing to suspend disbelief.

You Are It

In a nutshell, this is what a manual or cheats guide will do for you: It helps you realise/real-eyes that you are it. You are the One Mind of God. There is nobody on the outside that is coming to save you. Your only hope is to remove the limitations and restrictions to your own mind so that you can tap into more and more of the One Mind as you go. The more tapped into the One Mind of Source you become, the more you level up in the Gaia Games.

On the road to becoming an avatar and Gaia Games champion yourself, you will meet many avatars. You will also encounter angels, spirit guides and less benevolent entities. You will have to cope with distortions and inversions. And many a time, you will perceive yourself to be a victim because of these inversions. Basically, the whole purpose of the Gaia Games is to free yourself of the victim mentality. It is not until you realise that everything in your life is your own creation that you can begin levelling up. So. Are you ready…? Let’s play!

The Gaia Games Tarot Spread

the gaia games tarot spread
  1. The main reason for incarnating on Gaia this time around
  2. Adjustment needed for mission blueprint alignment
  3. Shadow issue that is limiting you from achieving your mission
  4. Gaming level you are ready to level up from
  5. Your task at the next level
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  1. Yes! This is a perfect spread.
    You mention A Course in Miracles. I happen to own that book.
    If I were to start reading it today, am I supposed to start at the beginning or start with the day’s lesson?
    Someone told me in order to be in tune with the collective, I’d have to start with that day’s lesson.

    1. Post

      I wasn’t aware it came with instructions about when to read what lesson. I have started ACIM a couple of times and never got very far… Maybe it was because I failed to read that day’s lesson lol!! But I do believe the more important aspect is to read mindfully. If you managed to do that it matters less which lesson or chapter you read, methinks. Glad you like the spread and hope you have fun with it! 🙂

      1. Thanks! I will. The Christ consciousness gave me a ton of insight.

        I’m going to try to read the Course in Miracles again.

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